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But seriously Europe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-02-19 10:24:55
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The last few weeks all of us heard or read one way or another the latest achievements of the one and only Silvio and we might smiled with the Italian clown but we all felt the same time the seriousness behind the accusations.

It has gone long time since this sleazy macho caricature has stopped been entertaining, in the beginning he was the ridiculous of a political system that failed but lately his sleazy character has turned into something really creepy and it is not entertaining but disturbing. But it is obvious that the worst it is still to come since Berlusconi’s reaction to all the accusations and the involvement with the Italian justice with unpredictable results for him was to try to change the laws.

Amazing but sadly is not the first time he’s doing it, Berlusconi is going one step further of just ridiculous and harassing the system; he is provoking democracy in an indescribable way and democracy is a tough enemy. N the mean time when the first round with the Italian judicial system finishes I’m afraid the second round will be harder and it will involve more sex and definitely far more money since it will be very little Berlusconi will be able to hind when the tsunami of the exposures will come.

But Berlusconi is not the only one who lives the dramatic hits of the exposure, the German defence minister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg was accused for plagiarism for his PhD thesis. His exposure started when a reporter from a known daily newspaper found parts of his article in the infamous paper and made the road to the elections for chancellor Merkel even more difficult.

The only ones who don’t have to worry about elections at the moment are the Belgians since they are enjoying 250 days without government, new world record that they break every single day! While another one who’s enjoying the new power in Europe is the IMF that has already established a strangling situation over Greece and Ireland and tries to find her way to Portugal and Spain.

And while Berlusconi battles with justice, the other European laugh, the French president Nicolas Sarkozy battles with his constantly declining popularity. After joining Merkel in declarations for the end of multiculturalism now he decided to pass the message to the Muslims that France is a secular country confusing the meaning of democracy and forgetting that most of these people have the right to vote and when the time comes they might give him a lesson never to forget.

But since we are talking about elections and votes Cameron rejected Glegg’s propositions for the next elections and changes also forgetting that their partnership was based in agreements that included the election system and a chance to the smaller parties to get more power in the British representative system.

Talking about representative system the latest surveys in Finland shown the True Finns making a record 13.4% of the electoral making an outsider wander if so big part of the Nordic country is xenophobes, racists and fascists. 

And a bit of art, the great painter Caravaggio proved to be not only a great artist but also a serial killer with a huge police record and obviously powerful friends who took care and covered his sins.

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Emanuel Paparella2011-02-19 13:59:06
Which perhaps proves both Machiavelli and Kant right: the aesthetic has nothing to do with the ethical and a clown in a circus makes us laugh and we may even be duped enough by his entertaining as to go and vote for him. In an interview with Charlie Rose the other day, an italian journalist frankly admitted that half of Italy is ashamed and the other half does not know what is going on: they have mistaken the appearances of Berlusconi on their TV as the appearances of a clown in a reality show. De Gasperi and Moro must be turning in their grave.

Emanuel Paparella2011-02-20 10:14:21
P.S. It is also worth observing that while it took five centuries for the Roman Republic to go from Romulus to Caligula, it has taken only five decades for the Italian Republic to go from De Gasperi to Berlusconi. The shamelessness and sheer corruption has arrived much faster this time around and I am afraid the decay will also be fast and furious. Cavour was misguided but revealing of a sad situation when he said that "now that we have made Italy we need to make the Italians."

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