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Sarah's legitimacy
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-01-16 10:24:35
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I never liked Sarah Palin and she represents everything I despite in a human being, the arrogance and the self-centered side of the ignorant. The woman hours after the murderous events of Arizona came out with a video reloading in an effect to avoid responsibility and pointing the finger to all sides. But don’t misunderstand me, I have absolutely nothing against the woman Sarah Palin but with the caricature she has become and all the things she represents despite gender, race or name.

I feel that Sarah Palin is a phenomenon of our times, creation of “Dancing with the stars” the “Big brother” the “Jerry Springer show” and other similar reality shows. In a western world were nearly thirty percent of the population lives in the limits of poverty and twelve percent is unemployment’s average, Sarah Palin is the queen. A bitter bitch that wants to expand her ten minutes of fame under any circumstances and sacrificing anything around her including her own family.

But the sad ting is not Sarah Palin herself but the wave of followers she has, – and again I’m not referring only to United States but the whole western world including Europe – the people who look at her as a role model and try to imitate her and the number of people who think that her life style and the things she says are normal, logical and everyday life. The woman who favours elk hunting, who feels secure only in her fur coat with a machine-gun under her jacket and I might hate hunting, fur coats and guns but is not illegal to carry do all that but doesn’t make you ordinary with understanding to ordinary people’s lives. Actually Sarah Palin is anything that ordinary.

But what about her followers or her echoes all around. Of course most cannot go for elk-hunting and I hope the majority of them don’t go around carrying a rifle but they can adopt her rhetoric and her rhetoric’s style, they can be fascinated from her use of “fancy” words and missing ignoring that most of the time she has no idea what she’s talking about like her latest “blood libel.” And in this case it is true that certain lobbies have shown over-sensitivity ignoring that semantics is another sign of our times but the same time this is something far out of an ordinary politicians speech and Sarah Palin was obliged to know what she was talking about and how many she was going to insult.

Excerpt if it is all marketing, the naïve house-wife that comes out with anything that she heard/read and found “clever” while watching the latest episode of her favourite soap opera. But all about Sarah Palin is about marketing with herself as the main and only product. A very expensive product and they buy it. But let’s return to her rhetoric, the other day while browsing Greek blogs I was shocked to find in couple of them the very same rhetoric I had read from Palin. And then the same happened later with some French blogs and out of curiosity checking German and Swedish blogs I found the same thing. Of course I don’t live in USA and I can see things in Europe but what I noticed is that Sarah Palin’s rhetoric has been adopted from the most extreme right elements of our society which means that in her self-centred campaign to promote herself she has become the alibi that gives legitimacy to the most extreme ideas not only in USA but the whole western world as I said in the beginning.

Sarah Palin is a greedy creature for the spotlight, a polarizing self centred political figure, a coward when it comes to responsibility – don’t forget that she’s the one who talks about personal responsibility – too ready to point to any direction doesn’t matter the sequences and in her ignorance a theoretician to right wing extremism who’s messages often target certain groups of people globally, doesn’t matter if they are gay, liberals or Muslims. Oddly isn’t it Sarah Palin a few months ago who accused for terrorism Muslim cycles for their rhetoric against gays, western philosophy and Christianity? Aren’t they the two ends of a cycle that they meet?

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Emanuel Paparella2011-01-16 15:12:45
“Knowledge is virtue” asserted Socrates, implying that its opposite—ignorance-- is arrogance and selfishness. Plenty of food for thought there when it comes to Sarah Palin as aptly described above, the lady is not the inquisitive type, challenges nothing and appeals to the ignorant and the arrogant, granted, but one is still left wondering if such Socratic analysis goes to the root of the problem, for after all, 9 of the 12 monsters who planned the logistics of the holocaust had earned Ph.D.s after their names, and Sarah Palin herself has a college degree. Perhaps it is more a matter of “good will” as Kant intimated and as Paul expressly declares when he writes “I know the good but I find myself doing evil.” Socrates would probably concur that ultimately it is the knowledge itself that is good or bad but what one does with it. The sophists too had lots of knowledge but they were teaching the young how to use to manipulate people by persuading to come around to their arguments. Indeed, what one does with it is contingent in turn on the acquisition, or lack thereof, of wisdom. Not for nothing philo-sophia literally means in Greek “love of wisdom.”

Jack2011-01-16 23:16:30

Great work Thanos. The new reality show is proof enough that she is panning for attention and that she has an agenda...for politicians isn't this always so, but with her it just seems so obvious. I am sick and tired of her already and she's not even the president (God- forbid) yet!

Is it just me or when I hear her speak I prefer fingernails on a chalkboard?

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