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How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-01-08 10:58:14
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Ex-spy Anna Chapman gets lion cub on Russian TV

bizarre01_15Former Russian spy Anna Chapman has been presented with a lion cub on Russian state-run TV. Ms Chapman, who was deported from the US earlier this year, was the main guest of the "Let Them Talk" show.

The 28-year-old would not be drawn on her intelligence career but she said her favourite Bond was Sean Connery. She also said her dream was to have a lion cub for a while, before it became dangerous, at which point one was brought into the studio.

It is not known if Ms Chapman took the cub home that evening or where the former spy would keep the animal, but she said she would call him Nano. The Channel One show resembles the American and British TV programmes "This Is Your Life", and it featured Ms Chapman's relatives, childhood friends and teachers sharing their memories of the redhead.


Elderly Swedes bloodied in snow shovel brawl

bizarre02_09Two elderly men beat each other bloody with snow shovels during a fight in a residential neighbourhood in Jönköping in southern central Sweden. The two neighbours, one man in his seventies and the other in his eighties, disagreed on how to properly deal with removing the snow from the area around their homes. As the two elderly men were unable to reach resolve their dispute amicably, the disagreement turned ever more heated, soon escalating to a full-out fight, with the men using their snow shovels as weapons.

"Something happened that upset one of the neighbours, who then attacked, while the other one defended himself. It started out with a little shove, and then some chaos ensued," Nils-Erik Eriksson, media relations officer at the Jönköping police force, told the local newspaper J-Nytt.

No one was seriously injured in the snowy brawl, although one of the men went to the hospital with a bump on his head and some scratches. The two neighbours have now reported each other to the police for assault, reported the radio station Sveriges Radio Jönköping.


It’s right behind you!

During a broadcast of the BBC’s “Stargazing Live”, astronomer Mark Thompson complained about the poor visibility and lack of apparent meteoroids during the meteor shower.  Shortly before saying, “Not much to be seen at the moment” a meteoroid could be spotted over his right shoulder.

Host duo Dara O’Briain and Brian Cox revisited the gaffe later on in the show when viewers had emailed and tweeted in to tell show producers what they had missed. O’Briain confirmed the shooting star was in fact a meteor from the Quadrantid meteor shower. He then crossed back over to an embarrassed Mr Thompson, who admitted his blunder. He said: ‘I must admit I was oblivious to it, I think I’m probably the only person in the entire country who didn’t see it.’




Family Charged with Looting from Tornado Victims

Prosecutors charged the Ferhatovic family, father Omer, 52, and brothers Elvis, 25, and Hajro, 22, with looting from homes destroyed following last Friday's tornadoes.

The men allegedly stole a water heater, air conditioner, tools and pots and pans from a home destroyed in Sunset Hills.

Neighbours and relatives of those whose homes were destroyed initially thought the Ferhatovics were volunteers. When they questioned the men about what they were doing, the Ferhatovics returned some of the items to the home and left. Police arrested them when they once again returned to the neighbourhood.

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bohdan yuri2011-01-10 22:30:32
each time you remind us what a "...mad, mad, mad world" we live in.

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