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Big brother Viktor Orban and the morons Hungarians
by Thanos Kalamidas
2011-01-04 09:24:16
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The first act of every Machiavellian regime is to control the press and information and turn into crime criticism. It happened for nearly a century in USSR; it happened in Nazi Germany, it happens in China, it happens in Zimbabwe and North Korea it’s happening in Hungary.

Under the new law Hungary's media authority, the NMHH, oversees all public news production and has the power to fine broadcasters and newspapers for violating "public interest, public morals or order". The fascist regime of Iran has exactly the same attitude. During the seven-year dictatorship in Greece there was a similar authority that had the power to oversee every single public production from the news to songs. In 1968 with a decree from the “prime minister’s” office they forbid the teaching of Sophocles ancient tragedy “Antigone” to the schools. The excuse was that in a monologue over her dead brother’s body Antigone prays democracy that would have given her the right to burry her dead brother. That’s how the authorities understood the violation of public interest, public morals and order. That the very same time thousands of people lived in exile, in prisons tortured and killed had nothing to do with public interest, morals and order.

It was all about moral and order! Every day people are convicted in Iran because they dared express their opinion in convictions that vary from imprisonment to disappear in the deadalus of the Iranian penitentiary system for ever. In North Korea they just shoot them! And all that for the public interest, morals and order.

I presume the next thing Mr. Viktor Orban, the Hungarian Prime Minister can do is tell us that the Hungarian people have no idea and no sense between good and evil. They cannot separate what is good for them and their own country and they need somebody to tell them. If that is true then we have the first prime minister in history that is prejudice to his own compatriots and he thinks they are morons and idiots who need patronizing. They are too simple to understand what they read in the press and too slow to analyze the information, a nation of naïve idiots that they should better drink beer and eat their sausages with a lot of paprika instead of thinking, the big brother Viktor Orban will do all the thinking.

And why Viktor Orban should stop only to that law, obviously the Hungarian people – morons as they are – they need a life prime minister of president or emperor and who’s the best candidate than Viktor the first. His holiness, the beautiful, the best of all, the most democrat of all the democrats! The glorious big brother!

The whole thing is disgusting and there is a scary part in it. This case makes a legal precedent in the European Union with others too ready to follow and putting aside the east Europeans who would love to apply laws like that don’t forget how much Berlusconi would love to do the same in Italy. And as it was expectable and natural media and personas reacted from all around Europe to the law declaring their strong opposition and warning the dangers of the path the Hungarian Prime minister has chosen. The European leadership is deep asleep snoring loud! You see Hungary this moment is the president of the European Union!

For last something very important not only for Hungary but for all of us. In every democracy there is one last stand to Machiavellian systems and regimes and this is the justice system and the country’s high court. The Hungarian high court has the right and the obligation to reject this law as unconstitutional and send it back to Viktor Orban to pack his dreams for the big brother. If that will not happen then the problem is much bigger than public interest, public morals or order!

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Jack2011-01-05 03:38:15

Well said my friend. Twisting a famous saying, for good men to do nothing is to have good for nothing men! :-)

How sad that history repeats itself and we never seem to learn from it.

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