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Africa's bitter hopes
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-12-30 09:40:46
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While things escalate dramatically in the Ivory Coast, authorities in South Africa ask Zimbabweans who have crossed the border illegally to register in a last effect to give them some kind of dignity and the rest of the world watching from the news agencies’ headlines doing nothing.

It’s already three years since Zimbabwe’s dictator under the international pressure and financial distraction of the country – world record inflation and unemployment - decided to give some space to the opposition and the truth is that nothing has changed in the southern African country. The same time things remain the same in Sudan even worsen adding the pirates problem and putting aside the madness of Darfur like it doesn’t exist and trying to ignore Nigeria’s reality with the number of dead increasing daily.

And that’s only the intro because if we check the majority of the African nations we will find that problems and catastrophes are just around the corner and that without meaning that there aren’t African nations that try hard to find their way to democracy or prosper under the most conflict situations. But the continent suffers and two centuries after for the western world Africa remains just like Freud had said, the black continent referring to the dark unknown and ignorance the continent hides.

And like they didn’t have enough problems on their own the last few years they started importing or cooperating their problems with Iran and it clerical dictators playing a basic role in this expansion in a battle on who’s influencing more the different kinds of religious fanatics that lately found their way to the African continent. Iranian and North Korean missiles, mercenary scientists and weapons dealers ready to offer anything a sick mind can think of without control and care. While we still cry for the victims of Saddam we have absolutely no idea how many chemicals have been used in Africa were programs and genocides are daily news.

And while George Clooney was feeling his career in decline he was meeting the UN Secretary General for the Darfur refugees and Bono while in a break of promoting his new album he had time to talk about Africa’s debt now the time of the great recession they have to protect their interests and shares in the stock market while the African debt increases day after day. And everybody has a role in this increase, even the pharmaceutical companies using criminally the HIV expansion in Africa. If you have no idea what HIV AIDS is doing to Africa just think, nations are in danger of disappearance because of the virus. In Africa HIV has nothing to do with minorities anymore, it has hit the majority and with the general situation for most African countries the numbers are probably far from the reality that kills a continent.

The hope for those people is not standing with UN missions or rock stars but if the western nations and the private banks that have overtaken the huge African debt give them a chance with most of the states actually eliminating this debt. There is no chance that any of them will take anything from nations living under inhuman conditions, civil wars and notorious dictators. And perhaps the reference to those debts helps the states’ accountants but it doesn’t help anybody else and it won’t help either anybody anywhere.

On the contrary a prospering Africa with reasonable use especially of the natural resources could turn into a global provider from agriculture to basic materials for the industry. After all the oldest continent has the richest mineral riches that are either used and excavating the worst possible way or they are there waiting. And democracy while can improve the prosperity of the people the same time can be helped from prospered nations.

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