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Beneath dark clouds Beneath dark clouds
by David Barger
2019-10-19 09:10:11
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poem_400_01The sky is behind dark clouds,
  And the moon
  Still pulls away somehow
  Lighting the night
  In a shade of different blue.

I stand beneath the view,
  And nothing matters more
  Than what it is I do explore.
Can heaven ever stay this way?
  Yes, nothing matters more
  Than what it is I do explore
  When feelings rush right in,
  And hindrance rushes through.

I think of you sometimes,
  And the thoughts I have
  Are sweet purified delight.
  My heart is overcome
  When you’re not even here.

The sky calls out,
  Calls out your name,
  And I hear the voice echo.
  Believe me when I say
  How I can make it through the day
  It’s the night that causes pain,
  And familiar intercourse shattered.

I’m just a clone of the smallest spore.
  Can I ever close this wretched door
  To feelings that I chance explore
  On the sweetest one I know?

The night is a shade of different blue.
  I will not vanquish any though of you
  For every moment is a tender gift
  As a pirates cove built up with treasures.
  O’ how the night is uncommonly blue!

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