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Angry faces in the streets of Europe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-12-16 10:01:01
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It was Rome, it is Athens. People running in the streets, fires everywhere, policemen, burned cars and shops and a lot of angry faces. Agree faces. More angry faces in Ireland and more angry faces in the streets of London and even more angry faces in the streets of Paris.

In Italy a prime minister that has abused even the meaning of the word corruption in every single level took a vote of confidence in a parliament that he had corrupted to avoid the justice he had literally bought or appointed in their positions. In Greece three families with the help of another seven eight families rule the country by turns with the last generation leading the country where democracy started into bankrupts. The most profitable profession in Greece this moment is politician, most of them haven't even heard the word work in their life and of course their only - there are a couple exceptions, personally I know only one - qualification is their family's name.

In Ireland the politicians invested the people's dreams and savings into banks that existed only in papers and in France the contemporary Napoleon cares more about his image on his mirror than he cares for the French people. In England education has become an issue of lordship since soon they will be the only ones who can afford a reasonable education. In Germany a chancellor who's dreaming the Fourth Reich and in Belgium a non existence government that spends non existent money. And this can continue for all the twenty seven member states of the mighty European Union of angry faces.

The media all around the world have photos with the Greek politician former minister with blood on his face. The people who hit him weren't a mob, a group of terrorists hidden behind ski masks. They were ordinary people, workers who were demonstrating in the centre of Athens against the new economic measures. Economic measures baptized necessary to cover the politicians' screw ups bringing the reality of the ordinary people in a regime that reminds dark ages in the beginning of the twenty first century.

The last few years we are talking about the conflict of the religions, the conflict of west and east, the conflict of order and terrorism. I'm afraid the worst it is to come and it will be the rise of the slaves. The slaves of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the slaves of the incompetent European Union, the slaves of the bankers and industrialists who have bought the politicians and use them any more without any trace of shame as their pawns.

From these very same pages of Ovi magazine for months I talk about these things and I keep saying that there is a limit you can ask from the people, there is a limit to what the people can sacrifice and this stops when they can not bring the plate of food on the table to feed their kids and the governments all around Europe have crossed this line and they have crossed it provocatively and stupidly. The same time they cut from the poor they give to the rich in the name of reshuffling the economy and giving motives for investment. Well these people are investing their money in off shore companies and lately have shown to the politicians to do the same. Is amazing how contemporary Marx has become and the most amazing thing is how much they confuse what Marx did with what Stalin did.

I'm afraid the angry faces from Athens and Rome this week is not the beginning but the end of the beginning and what is coming is the face full of blood of the Greek politician.

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Emanuel Paparella2010-12-16 16:02:01
Here in the US we have a similar spectacle: while voicing sanctimonious concern for the national debt, the politicians have just given a Christmas bonus to the wealthiest 3% of the population of some 700 billin dollars in tax cuts. What is most disturbing is that it appears that the majority of the people seem to go along with it. I need to see once again the movie "idiocracy" which seems to be replacing democracy and meritocracy in the West. Indeed, in an "idiocracy" those kind of spectacles become normal. I am afraid you are right Thanos when you mention that we have not seen the worst yet. That is still to come.

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