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Atomic communicating vessels
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-12-10 09:34:16
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The last twenty years there was a fear in Middle East, Saddam Hussein’s nuclear, chemical and biological arsenal; and the suspicion that a dictator possessed the combination of those true was more than just alarming. Actually the fear was so alarming that ended up in two wars and the violent death of the dictator.

Signs and proves of Saddam’s Iraq chemical and biological war arsenal were found long time before the beginning of the two Gulf wars and the proves came with hundreds of human lives especially Kurdish lives in the north parts of the country and then it was the Iran-Iraq war with plenty of proves of use of chemical and biological weapons. The awkward thing about this war was that both sides used chemical weapons in occasions and that made them somehow cover the fact that both sides had them. You see they didn’t want the international community to get serious with the issue. But the fact that both sides had them and use them remains.

With the nuclear weapons now we all now that there was some kind of activity in Saddam’s Iraq or at least an effect to get them but it came to late and too messy leaving Saddam playing with the threat that he has them, a poker game that turned against him in long term. Or his bluff worked much better than what he wished for. However the threat was there and over the threat the Americans and their allies built and spin the excuses to invade the country and terminate his regime with whatever cost that meant for everybody involved in short and long term.

And of course in Middle East there is not only Iraq and Iran who piles their arsenal with everything possible and tries to prove the same time that they are the local superpower and regulator of the local politics creating with the power of this arsenal spheres of influence; there is Israel and the moving behind the central scene at thee moment Turkey. But Israel is a special case because among other issues has become the excuse for all those countries to invest in their weapons’ arsenal and stockpile any kind of weaponry without excluding chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. And doesn’t matter what they say, having the unclear protection of known unknown powers all of them have them one way or another. So Israel has become the excuse for the rest to stockpile and of course Saddam used them to create more and more chemical and biological weapons. An odd coincidence at the time was the end of the USSR and a new market of specialist who would be bought with just a few thousands of dollars without any ethic barriers and helped countries with no chance to improve their laboratories like Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea and most likely some African countries.

And then it was the cooperation among those countries in front the common enemy, an international community that wanted them disarmed from any kind of those weaponry, that linked them and gave them the chance to improve their chances despite their superficial ideological differences. So North Korea started exchanging scientific information with Iran for example and Pakistan with Iraq. So all these regimes work as communicating vessels and this is very important to remember. But now we don’t have only some linking states communicating scientific discoveries but we have dictatorial regimes with unpredictable leaderships obviously dangerous not only for their neighbours but the global security communicating and linking weapons of mash distraction.

And all that when the head of Iran's Atomic Energy Organization said Iran is now producing its own yellowcake and is self-sufficient in the nuclear fuel cycle. And to make more clear things, Yellowcake is the lifeline of any civilian and military nuclear program. The powdery, often yellow substance is uranium ore concentrate that comes from processed, mined uranium ore. Yellowcake is used to produce enriched uranium which is the fuel for nuclear power plants that generate electricity. Uranium enriched at levels between 70 to 90% can be used to build a nuclear bomb. Producing yellowcake is an achievement for Iran because theoretically it will now be able to bypass strict U.N. sanctions that ban Iran from importing yellowcake from other countries.

The rest is left to our worst nightmares.

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