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World Cup and the spoiled brat
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-12-07 09:38:07
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So after decades of political and financial games we all came to the conclusion that there is a lot of dirt in the sports world. I have often said that the spirit of the Olympic Games is buried somewhere under television rights and doping and football is far more dirty case since it includes professional footballers and billionaires owner who in reality don't give a damn about the sport and they just see it as one more profitable investment.

It just takes a look in the amount of billions spend for the transfers every summer in Europe to understand what really is going on and of course there is politics in the back. It always was. There was politics when Berlin organized the Olympic Games back in thirties and there was politics when USA organized the football world cup back in nineties. If by luck" and politics we are not aware" others took the" privilege" to organize any of those games they met with a series of disasters" financials to start with" that made them regret the moment they thought to apply their candidacy. Out of all the countries that organized the Olympic games the last fifty years it has been only the USA and China that actually managed to make some kind of profit. And when we are talking about profit in these cases we are talking about the organizing cities and their citizens. The rest with bright examples Montreal and the latest Athens it took them years to recover if not decades to come in the case of Athens. Actually in the case of Athens the demands of the Olympic committee were unbelievable and I believe that the Greek financial catastrophe has some roots in the whole Olympic Games organization.

The reasons the Olympic Games in Atlanta and Peking have been often analyzed and have nothing to do with the actual cities or their citizens but with the involved interests, financial" Coca Cola capital" in the case of Atlanta and prestige" dictatorships have always have prestige issues" with Peking. And football is not much different is just that in football's case the interests are much higher, the investments in many levels gigantic and the politics involvement straightforward. Just think what happens with the football bets and the bookers all around the world. With horse racing football is most popular betting event and the billions exchanged every weekend all around the world mythic. Betting is something new for classic sports like the Olympic Games but nothing compared with football and betting in football is popular even in USA where football - soccer for the Americans - is not so popular and perhaps that explains all the effects the last two decades to establish it in USA.

Football is the same dirty as the Olympic Games are in every level the only difference that except Maradona for example there are very few cases caught with drugs and doping even though nearly everybody knows what is really going on. And naturally the ones who really know are the ones actively involved in the different levels of those organizations or want to be involved even as candidate cities for one of those organizations and the UK government and the official football representatives knew very well both the game and the rules. After all that's exactly the reason they employed princes like William and Beckham" princes in different fields each" to support their cause. In a secretive voting procedure how they could count who voted whom and be so sure if they hadn't" bought" those votes and there are many ways to do so not always including exchange of suitcase full of money.

Well obviously Russia was better, knew the rules and the game better and won and that's it. Now they know better the rules so next time they might win after all they had the experience of how it works with the London Olympic games if they failed they can blame only themselves and nobody else. The last few days I've been reading the reactions of the English officials in front of the loss and I have to admit that even though I love English football myself I think they act like spoiled brats that lost their lollipop and them cry and kicking till they get a new one. Well they have to wait one more year and they got their lollipop and just hope that the Londoners wont pay for it for generations like they have already done with other similar creation" remember the millennium events" or like other cities around the world still do!

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