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Let's talk about tax, Ireland and European solidarity
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-11-24 09:30:50
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Of course all the Europeans were ready and willing to help Ireland but Ireland had to do something tiny little small thing for them they have to bend over and increase their tax to their only chance for economic recovery. You see when Ireland lower tax for enterprises and Lufthansa moved their offices to Dublin Mrs. Merkel had a fit and her screams could be heard in all Berlin.

And don’t worry, even the temporary and shadow of Prime minister of Finland Mari Kiviniemi point or better emphasize that Ireland should Ireland raise its relatively low corporate tax rate. I suppose this is what we call supportive partnership, solidarity and European Union.

I don’t want to go to conspiracy theories but wasn’t Ireland just two years ago who was the model for enterprising growth? If you run back to all growth statistic two years ago in Europe you will see the country championing every single one. Wasn’t it the country that attracted cooperatives and enterprises from all around the world and you saw major names form the international market moving their headquarters and customer services to Dublin employing thousands from all around Europe?

But in a constantly competitive world – even among partners – there is no room for this kind of models and Ireland was to go down hard and become another kind of model. An example, a lesson well learned. You don’t get the bite form Frau Merkel’s mouth! And by the way wasn’t it Spain the other growth model country a few years ago in Europe with the construction sector leading? If you check the list Spain is not far from Ireland between the countries that are going down hard and soon.

And we end up to the same question as always. Frau Merkel does whatever she thinks good for her Reich but out of curiosity, what the hell Mr. Van Rompuy is doing except keeping company to Barroso and drink god Champaign? Where is the European presidency, the European commission, the European unity and solidarity? And when we lost all that and who forgot to send us the memo?

And of course the temporary and shadow of Prime minister of Finland Mari Kiviniemi might say her poem wishing the German Frau might like it and when Finland’s turn comes (oh yes, the international debt of Finland is up there not far from the Portuguese one even though Finnish politicians avoid to talk about it – is always easier to laugh at the other’s hunchback and never see your) there will be no German ‘buts’ but the same time she wished she could have done the same thing Ireland has done instead of endangering to lose Nokia.

So Europe’s motto one for all and all for one has become save your head whatever it takes even if that whatever means the end of European union as we know it. And what is coming after I’m sure is going to be something that might satisfy Frau Merkel and her Reich but not the rest of us.

The people of Ireland are going to suffer because of the politicians and the bankers, the people of Greece are suffering because of the politicians and the industrialists, the people of Portugal will suffer because of the politicians and the farm squires and they will see their income decreases, their work not to be paid, lose their jobs and their future and is like nobody understands that it is the prosperity of the very same people that can end the recession and not the collection of cash from the ones who don’t have it. But the leadership of the European Union, the leadership of the European people is deaf and probably blind and when they realize what they’ve done I’m afraid it will be too late. Until then Greece, Ireland with Portugal Spain, Italy and who knows next will bend over in the wishes of the IMF and Frau Merkel’s wishes.

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