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Lies befallen me
by David Barger
2015-12-14 10:28:30
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I have lied to my children
Like a disgruntled employee
Allowing them to believe
In Santa Clause, and capitalizing
His name as though he really exists.

poem_400The tooth fairy, Easter bunny,
And lady liberty are all colorful
Little white lies coveted by many.
I have become a prisoner
Of every industry among this mud ball;
Toys, candy, toothpaste, and government
Have slithered under my skin
Wiring me with false pretenses.

I have lied to my children
Like a common criminal
Allowing them to believe
There are no real monsters
Out and about in this crazy world.

The murderers, child molesters,
And rapists are all blemishes
Coating the entire hemispheres!
You say, what about terrorists?
Did I not mention murderers?
If only there were vampires, werewolves,
And bogeymen walking our nightmares
Then we would at least know
How to defeat such creature of darkness -
By closing the book or turning off the TV!

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