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Airplane Pat Downs and X-Rays
by Leah Sellers
2010-11-21 09:20:09
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Patty Cake, Patty Cake
     Pat Me Down
X-Ray My Bones
     So I can leave Town
Who could've ever seen
     that just to Fly in a Plane
That Pat Me Downs and X-Rays
     would become so Commonly Obscene ?!
Back Scatter Screen Me
     Radiate Me good
Bake all our traveling Noodles
     Check under all of Our Hoods
We're Told -
Pat Me Downs and X-Rays
     Will keep Terrorists on the ground
But Patty Cake, Patty Cake
     Terrorism is growing in leaps in bounds
So, Pat Me Down and Zap Me
     with X-Rays all around
Force Every part of Me to Bake and Bend
Go ahead, Fly in the Face of Fear
     then Ask Me again
Where does Terrorism Begin ?
Where does Terrorism End ?

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