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How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-11-07 09:43:35
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bizarre01_11Speedway H.S. teacher accused of being drunk in class

A teacher at Speedway High School was arrested on a charge of public intoxication at the school Friday morning. Speedway Public School Superintendant Kenneth Hull told police he had received reports from staff members that Greg Fedroff, 51, was sleeping at his desk during class.

Hull said he smelled a strong odour of alcohol coming from Fedroff and he noticed Fedroff to have poor dexterity and slurred speech. Hull found a Gatorade bottle in Fedroff's classroom which had a strong smell of alcohol.

The officer smelled a strong odour commonly associated with an alcoholic beverage coming from Fedroff. The teacher was administered a portable breath test and his blood alcohol content tested .21%. Fedroff was placed under arrest and transported to the Speedway Police Department to await transportation to the Arrestee Processing Centre.


Search warrant on Stock Island results in two drug arrests

bizarre02_07At 12:30 p.m., Sheriff's Special Investigations Detectives and the Special Weapons and Tactics Team served a search warrant at 6414 2nd street on Stock Island. During the execution of the warrant the SWAT team encountered a fortified door. The team had to use ballistic breeching rounds on the hinges to get inside the residence. As the SWAT team was entering, a black male later identified as 27 year old Quinton Livingston of Miami broke a rear window out and jumped through the window in an attempt to escape. Detectives on the perimeter ordered him to stop but he fled on foot; he was quickly apprehended by the perimeter detectives, who used a Taser to stop his efforts to flee.

When SWAT got in the residence, they located 25 year old Roy Williams of Miami, who was detained. A search by detectives turned up a crack cocaine lab set up inside. A conversation between Livingston and Williams, overheard by deputies, indicated Williams had attempted to destroy their stash of cocaine by dissolving it in muriatic acid. Detectives found 91 grams of cocaine mixed with acid in a bowl in the residence; the liquid tested positive for cocaine. They also located a small amount of marijuana and $1,313 in suspected drug proceeds stuffed inside the couch.  Livingston was charged with trafficking in cocaine, resisting arrest with without violence and possession of drug paraphernalia. Williams was charged with trafficking in cocaine, possession of marijuana. And tampering with evidence.

Both were transported to jail. Detectives say the home was set up as a manufacturing and sales location for crack cocaine; in addition to the crack cocaine lab, suspects had constructed a small 6 inch by 6 inch "pass through" in the wall which allowed them to conduct a walk-up drug business without letting purchasers actually enter the residence. Suspects had also fortified the residence, using wooden 2x4 boards on the front door to block any one from opening it, and steel bolt latches and two locks on the side door.


Older Brothers are Smarter!

Research that scientists from the University of Oslo did, and which included more than two hundred and fifty thousand young men, showed that the IQ of older brothers in comparison with younger,  is higher, on average, two and a half points.


Trenton man's dropped trousers spur stabbing

bizarre03_400_11An urban fashionista trying to escape a gang of assailants tripped over his own fallen pants and was stabbed repeatedly outside a city night club. Police said the victim, a 32-year-old whose name wasn’t disclosed, apparently was set up by a woman who spoke to him briefly outside the Passions Nightclub and returned minutes later in a car also holding up to five men.

With the woman hollering out to him, asking again if he knew her, the assailants jumped from the vehicle and charged at the victim, who took off running. In seconds, his slung-down pants fell to his ankles and he was face down on the pavement being stabbed in the back, police said. It happened at 1:20 Thursday morning, when officers were called to the night spot in the 800 block of East State Street on a report of a stabbing.

They found city medics working on the victim, and soon learned he had been attacked by four or five black males in all dark clothing and that the woman involved was light skinned and in her 20s wearing a gray hoodie and light blue jeans. A police report said the unidentified victim took several stabs to the back while on the ground after tripping over his downed pants. He was taken to Capital Health’s Fuld hospital for treatment of his wounds. There was nothing in the report in answer to the question the woman posed to the victim when she approached him outside the club, and again hollering it out from the car: “Do you know me?”

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