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Hope dies last Mr. Obama
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-11-05 08:48:16
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Since Barack Obama’s victorious election two years ago I very rarely write about the reality of American politics at least the way they look like from this side of the ocean. I suppose there are many reasons for that mainly because I want him so much to succeed that I cannot accept any kind of failure. Then there is that “waiting” thing, this “give him a chance” feeling, this “it will take time” thought that somehow holds any other reaction.

When Barack Obama was awarded the Peace Nobel Prize I thought it was well disserved it and somehow I had the feeling that through him the Nobel Prize committee awarded all these people all around the world who didn’t want to give up. Who believed that hope has a chance and that had felt that change had a chance. It was all of us who saw the world becoming an easy victim to all those politicians without a plan, self-cantered and always serving interests far from the common good and again I’m not talking only about the former American administration but administrations all around the world. And I still hope, after all they say that …hope dies last.

Barack Obama brought with him this aura of hope we all were waiting and needing for so long and the last couple of decades hope has become as valuable as breathing air and rare as oxygen on the moon. And in the beginning things seemed to change. Even the most notorious dictators felt that something is changes and people seem to somehow react, nothing violent or aggressive, it was just this shine ion their eyes, hope is back. And this was visual in this side of the ocean as well, small changes but you could feel it in the politicians general attitude, even Berlusconi seemed for a moment trapped from the aura Obama was carrying.

Of course everybody was expecting something dramatic to happen, something explosive and thunderous and it did it just didn’t happened accompanied with fireworks. The health change Obama’s administration brought to the American social system was not just revolutionary, had the power of thousands nuclear bombs and shook the fundamentals of the American system in just too many ways. We Europeans take some things for granted, health system from birth, unemployment benefits, student state grants are something of things beyond questioning. In the other side of the ocean these things simply don’t exist. If you have work or savings then you have all the above if for any reason you lose any of the above you are doomed. But – and this is a huge but – the people who are going to benefit from this dramatic change in US are not the ones who matter in an election day. As the system works in USA they are the ones who don’t vote apparently for the same reasons they didn’t have insurance, health and social coverage till now. It’s a strange carousel and in the end the only voices you hear are the ones from the tea party who are against those chances, who believe in a less government, no social benefits, private schools you just never hear the thankful ones.

The midterm elections in USA according to all the news agencies brought a painful defeat to Barack Obama’s administration and what we all seen today is the president’s sad face, we heard his words admitting that he needs to work more efficiently and we read about his invitation to the republican’s leadership in the congress for a better understanding and cooperation. This is sad. The American president has to apologize for doing something so dramatically good in long term for the citizens, all the citizens of his country and somehow admit that he was …lazy because the republicans believe that if you don’t have a work – for any reason and I emphasize that – you should be doomed? I’m sorry I find it difficult to believe. What should have he done to be popular?

Here is another thing I find difficult to believe or better to swallow. If he had invaded Yemen pr Somalia – two countries that have given excuses and proven connections with Al-Qaeda – he would have been hero even though he would have to face complains after from the same ones who made him hero because soldiers got killed there. This is schizophrenic. Still it would give him votes and glorify him in the congress with Americans saluting the flag and proudly singing the national anthem in baseball and rugby stadiums. That he did something to help the non-privilege and poor makes him lazy and worth to punish. Times like that and without any reason to support Obama I think Americans deserved Bush even though apart from the dead bodies he was responsible for the isolation of the American foreign policy and the economic catastrophe of the American people something if they haven’t felt already they will probably feel more in the years to come. At least Barack Obama is still there and the Americans will understand and leave the tea party for the privilege ones; you see hope dies last.

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