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For their own good
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-10-28 09:37:57
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In the beginning it was the European constitution and that there was no future without accepting it. We didn’t and then we started talking about the Lisbon treaty which by the way we didn’t accept but our representatives in the national parliaments accepted it for us actually without bothering asking us. It was for our own good and they know better and all that.

And for our own good now they discover that the Lisbon treaty is good but not as good as they would like it to be so they are going to change it without asking us again. For our own good again! In the meantime the French parliament decided to increase retirement age for the French people good, the Greek parliament to tax more the poor since they cannot take it from the rich for their own good and the Spanish parliament decided that they cannot spend more to help the constantly increasing unemployment for their own good!

Angela Merkel takes care of the immigrants issue killing multiculturalism and tolerance in Europe and Cameron decides that the British poor eat more than the rest Europeans so time for cuts for their own good always. The same time and while dooming Greece to an economic cyclone more Greeces show around with the majority of the European nations drowning in the foreign debt. And if it wasn’t the mighty Europe we would be talking about African and south American realities. The foreign debt for all the European countries is catastrophic and that includes Italy, Britain and arrogant Germany. Most of them this moment they can barely pay the interest and not the loans themselves, most of them including Finland borrow money to pay just the interest they owe to international banks. And please don’t think that the American government is cool, hip and out of all this drama. The US government is exactly on the same wagon is just that you cannot talk about debt to the most powerful country on earth. Hypocrisy; for our good!

Last year it was Greece this year it is France next might be Berlin but the European people start thinking that it is time to do something about their own good.

For how long the Greek people will be able to cope with the reality the measures have brought, the students have already joined the unions in France and it is not anymore about retirement but about survival. Even the conservative newspapers in Britain have started saying to Cameron that there is a limit on how many cuts people can cope with and that before he even started getting serious. In Spain unemployment has reach dramatic numbers making one in four unemployed. In Italy people in a dramatic turn looking in the rubbish for food while the billionaire prime minister negotiating a divorce with his wife that includes millions of Euros every month. In Portugal the news are dramatic and the prime minister was forced to beg the people to understand while in Finland the news start talking about families that live under the limit of poverty.

That’s the European constitution, that’s the Lisbon treaty and that’s the reality the European rulers are missing and I’m afraid and have wrote about it many times before the last two years that we are going to see the European cities burning, hunger is never a good adviser and this moment the Europeans feel hunger touching them and there is no metaphor here. We are talking about households in Europe that can hardly afford one full meal a day. Then Mrs. Merkel’s screams about immigration and the death of multiculturalism will be not enough to bring votes. Maria Antoinette met the starving crowd and she didn’t enjoy the end.

And all that before the europeans start really thinking about their own good!

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Emanuel Paparella2010-10-28 10:33:03
Was it not Charles the V who had on his night table, the Bible, Machiavelli the Prince and Castiglione Il Cortegiano. What a juxtaposition that is. The fact that Plato's Republic is missing there is telling. What all those statesmen who know what is good for the people also know is that they have to learn to grab power and retain it at any cost, again for the good of the people. Mussolini also read Machiavelli every night before falling asleep. But did not Plato advocate the rule by the philosopher king? Yes, but in reality there are precious few Marcus Aureliuses. The majority are those politicians who fancy themselves statesman (the Giulio Adreotti and Pinochet type) who, for the good of the people, will dirty their hands and their conscience, grap power and do whatever it needs to be done to retain it at any cost, for the good of the people, of course. Here in the US we have a tea party going on which is already acting as the 1930 storm troops of Hitler in Germany, always for the good of the people...I fear that the best is still to come.

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