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Karzai's price list
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-10-27 09:17:45
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Right, so the whole world is open mouthed shocked and totally disgust because the Afghan president Karzai was bribed with thousands of Euros from the Iranian government and from what I’ve read the Iranian government does that twice a year with something like seven thousand Euros in cash.

Now I’m socked and disgust. I’m shocked on how cheap Karzai is, I mean he is a president for god’s or Allah’s sake. Yes fine he doesn’t control much in Afghanistan but he can still sign things, he can keep busy construction companies for example for the next three centuries. Not to forget security or paramilitary providers. Then we have bankers, medical companies – this is a huge capital in Afghanistan and I’m talking about pure pharmaceuticals and not drugs, Afghanistan has the licence to produce – even textile and carpet industry. And Karzai can help giving access to all that.

But then I’m shocked with how cheap the Iranians escaped with the whole thing. I mean the last decade Europeans and Americans keep funding Karzai’s personal account in Switzerland with half of the secret budgets of the foreign offices of UK, Germany, France and USA not to forget all the money CIA has invest on him the last decade and that while probably be able to cover the foreign debt of an average African country. We are not talking about thousands of Euros but thousands of millions of dollars and don’t get confused because of the different currency its all money!

But while thing all that and keep browsing the net for more information I got the picture, I mean I was still shocked alright but now it all suddenly made also sense. The Afghan President has a price list! I mean what do you want? Construction? Then so many millions of dollars for so many years! Religion? That’s cheap, only a few thousands Euros a couple times a year. And for the good customers an Afghan carpet for the family’s cottage and a special smoke for the dad! That totally makes sense, at least to me!

But why Iran? USA, Europe and perhaps some in the neighbour makes sense to pay Karzai but Iran doesn’t somehow fit with the pattern, does it? Actually Iran has more reasons than all the above to keep Karzai in close relationship. Of course the Taliban and Iran have often showed some kind of understanding or at least that they are in the same path. And they do so under the logic the enemy of my enemy is my ally but knowing that the Taleban and their protégée Bin Laden is a very dangerous ally. After all the Americans are the first that learned the lesson from Bin Laden himself.  The faith differences between the Taleban and Iran’s clerics are more than fundamental and both sides would love to expand their influence to the other side. For Iran it will be like Cohen’s the song “first we take Manhattan then we take Berlin” where Manhattan is Pakistan-Afghanistan and Berlin is the south east Asia. It sounds like science fiction but imagine the geographical area I’m talking about and the geopolitical role Iran will play in that case. If from the other side the Taleban can get access inside Iran and expand their influence in a country that already has brainwash most of the public and has access to oil and perhaps nuclear then the only thing that remains for all of us even for the atheist me is start praying!

I suppose the next question is how much really Iran has given to Karzai, because black bags full of Euros to his aides at the office it is one think but the truth is another and the truth in cases like that is never cheap and I presume another question could be what Iran is really expecting by bribing Karzai or better why they let it come out like that. It is like somebody intentionally let the whole thing come out in the public to raise more questions, suspicions or verifies suspicions about the role of Iran in the area.

A bribed Karzai is not a surprise after all is common secret that Karzai has all kind of passions some of them addictive, perhaps now the addictions created a greedy Karzai as well and he found this cheap trick, seven thousand Euros cheap, to increase his income or better blackmail a better income in his Swiss account always.

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Emanuel Paparella2010-10-27 13:47:04
It costs some 100 billions a year to the US just for the military expenses in the Afghan operation; not to speak of the expenses incurred by NATO; this in a country whose yearly budget is 7 billion dollars. It is a bizarre, tupsy turvy world indeed, and people like Karzai always take advantage of the situation. He surely is not Marcus Aurelius and he probably has read Machiavelli.

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