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Ovi Promotes: Art Exhibition in Vantaa, Finland
by The Ovi Team
2010-10-20 07:23:15
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kutsu_taidenayttely_web1_400You are cordially invited to attend an art exhibition featuring art work by Mr. Thanos Kalamidas, Ovi editor, as well as work from a dozen other artists. The exhibition will be for two weeks and is located in Vantaa, Finland.

In cooperation with the Hakunila International Organization, the Finland-Syria Association and EU-MAN, 13 artists are presenting their work on Wednesday October 20th at 18.00.

The exhibition will last one month till the end of November

The address is:

Länsimäen toimintakeskus
Kilpakuja 1
Länsimäki, Vantaa

NB: Only 500m from Mellunmäki (Mellungsbacka) metro station.

MAP HERE: http://tinyurl.com/2u7b322

The artists are:

Moustafa Al Yassin, Tigne Negash, Semra Turkmen, Muhsin Azzawi, Lui Hong, Alaa Jimaa, Amir Khartib, Sattar Fartousi, Ali Najjar, Thanos Kalamidas, Michael Casey, Tamara Niskanen and Vaharsolt Balatkhanov


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Emanuel Paparella2010-10-20 10:11:15
Best wishes on your exhibition Thanos.

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