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Legitimacy of Kashmir struggle of independence
by Tahir Khan
2010-10-05 06:16:40
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The valley of Kashmir is very beautiful and strategically located with abundant natural resources.  Currently 2/3 of Kashmir under Indian control and 1/3 in Pakistan control.

Kashmiri struggling for separate home land was started from 1931 before formation of India and Pakistan.  Kashmir neither part of Indian nor Pakistan from beginning.

Struggle of freedom started in Kashmir from 1931 when people were unite against the Kashmiri Dogra ruler and their policy but at that time maharaja of Kashmir crushed the demand of Kashmir independence forcefully.

The Kashmir is a crucible for India and Pakistan they were fought many times.  India has not been interested in solving the Kashmir issue from beginning and from long time India repetitively denying international demand of Kashmir referendum.

India used many tactics just to illegalizing of it’s occupation of Kashmir.  India have been making Kashmiri fool from beginning and also world communities by various means.

But the first Prime minster of India Jawaharlal Nehru himself legitimize the Kashmir struggle of independence in his statement in Constituent Assembly of India.

March 5, 1948.
"Ultimately there is no doubt in my mind that, in Kashmir as elsewhere, the people of Kashmir will decide finally, and all that we wish is that they should have freedom of decision without any external compulsion".

In 1947 India promise the Kashmiri of separate homeland but this was policy just to prevent detachment of Kashmir from India but after formalization Indian militarily grip on Kashmir, India turned away from it’s own wards and promises and changed the tone completely and later started refuting Kashmir as integral part of India.

India done almost everything in last 60 years for legalizing of it’s occupation on Kashmir, these are terrorism, Pakistan involvement, puppet government, ethical divide, economical blockade, autonomous rule etc. but struggle of independence is still continue and more than 100000 Kashmir lost their life in this struggle.

The only worry factor of India is, libration of Kashmir will lead balkanizations of India and great loss for Indian government because Kashmir is consider a nation pride and crown of India and due to geographic location and on top of that abandon natural resource India not interest to leave occupation of Kashmir anymore.

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