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But seriously ...how bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-09-25 08:06:03
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This is definitely the combination of titles I often use for my personal columns including ‘how bizarre’ and ‘but seriously’ because what Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad dared say in front of the leaders of this world in the UN General Assembly can cope any other characterisation than bizarre. Sorry I missed something; idiotic could be the other characterisation.

For the last twenty five years I write for different publications but especially the last six here in Ovi magazine feeling more free I never hidden my despise to all kind of dictatorial systems doesn’t matter their background or their excuses. And I lived myself the rise, the fall and the results of a dictatorship in Greece, having seen the ugliest face of a system I definitely can’t call political. Having lost family and friends in the strangle against fascism I cannot accept that there are shades and necessities in a dictatorship; and I have heard all the excuses.

I have heard that the circumstances and the internal dangers demanded dramatic solutions, I have heard that the way to the perfect democracy goes through a dictatorship and I have heard that to face external enemies a strong governing was the only solution. My answer for long I have the critical mind to judge – and unfortunately I dictatorship took care to mature me very early – is that all these are rubbish. Democracy is the perfect political system and yes in practise it might not be so perfect but we are working to the right direction.

What I find amazing and disgusting the same time is that all dictatorships use democracy for their rise and use democracy as excuse to base their criminal acts. What I find disturbing is that dictatorships have this mania to constantly challenge and provoke democracies and that’s exactly what the Iranian puppet dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is constantly doing.

Most of us – and especially nowadays with a lot of help from the internet – have heard, read or seen films about conspiracy theories with more popular and fascinating the ones about J.F Kennedy's assassination and the landing to the moon. I actually have enjoyed and even liked some of them but then again I have this thing with b-movies, I always liked Ed Wood so this explains my fascination with those conspiracy theories. But when it comes to the events of 9-11 I was actually watching on television the moment the second plane hit the tower and I cannot imagine even in my darkest thoughts that can anybody conspire the death of thousands of people and traumatize the lives of millions for some kind of big plan. This is beyond humanity and even global serial killers like Hitler or Stalin couldn’t go so far.

People who believe in conspiracy theories have usually a pattern in their believes, they have coffee with Elvis in Las Vegas, beers with Jim Morrison in some African country and they have been kidnapped a couple of times from aliens. And when you meet them ...well you usually nod, you shake your head and you order for another pint because it usually happens in a pub. But when you hear things like that from a state’s leader in the UN’s General assembly then you have to do with another kind of a pattern all together. You have to do with another characteristic dictators carry all through history, paranoia!

And in this case it is a projecting paranoia and I’m afraid Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the cleric criminal gang that rules Iran the last decades are masters of this problem and I hope they will get some help soon – I have to make clear here that I’m not volunteering under any circumstances! This crime is the short of thing they would have done if they had the power and neighbouring Saddam had proved in the past that he could kill his own people with chemicals just to try their effectiveness. So how worst this get be when in a year’s time, months or even weeks Ahmadinejad and the gang of the Iranian cleric dictators will have the power, the button that controls nuclear bombs.

What Ahmadinejad dared say it is seriously bizarre but it should make all of us think again what’s going on in his and the other Iranian rulers’ mind because from bizarre it can get seriously scary!

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Emanuel Paparella2010-09-25 08:23:29
Indeed, Churchill said best perhaps: Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others. What is scary about the theocratic delusional gang governing Iran nowadays is that they may actually believe that theirs is a democratic form of government.

David Barger2010-09-25 14:27:13
It is great to read an article that makes one's self think deeply about the subect, and this article is well written!

David Barger2010-09-25 14:27:49
subject, that is.

Anastasios2010-09-25 15:24:26
I am sorry for the Iranian people because they are so unlucky to have such an idiot as their president.

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