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Judgement passed down
by David Barger
2010-09-27 07:38:37
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Football is hiked,
Rearranged from ground
To center’s hand
Flashed between legs
Into quarterback’s palms;

Time quickens in blur commotion.
A pile collapses, and right foot
Becomes a lame member
Swollen beyond shoe enclosure.

Foot doctor listed severities
Arranged in group detail
Of ligaments torn and weak
Asking if a note is needed
For school or football coach;
I decline the offer.

Nobody else ever brought in notes
When injury filtered into light.
My starting position replaced
As holes fill a weathered mind.

Head coach levels the playing field,
And in another year his notes
Ink stain of a female student -
Break up his marriage
Where a mirror shatters on fifty yard line.
He leaves to train farther away;
Another school, and perhaps
His signature writes again another female.

Same dream repeats itself
After all these years drifting from that day
With little difference in waiver,
And each time I grow bolder in response
To the judgment passed down
From the elusive one where my respect
Is withdrawn like his once sacred vows!

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David Barger2010-09-27 12:53:54
Typo in title - Judgement passed down

Thanos2010-09-27 14:46:38
I missed that!!! :)

Great series of poems David!!!

David Barger2010-09-27 17:49:27
I appreciate the compliment Thanos!

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