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Between alcohol and chocolate bars
by David Barger
2010-09-25 08:05:28
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I was just beginning to write a screenplay
When a poem came trickling out
Of the complex fortitude in my mind.
I sat quietly visioning the steady flow,
As I realized if done, it must be done right.
I proceeded to undergo a self-proclaimed
Lobotomy without the aid of anesthesia.
I tried rolling my eyes backward
In order to supervise the surgery
With a proper sense and style,
Because the mirrors were not working
Ever catching glares given from the sun.
Then I had an epiphany to shut out the light,
So I swiftly closed the door!
I pressed onward digging deeper
Pulling and prying until it all became clearer.
I studied the view for hours
Spraying Lysol now and then
To keep the bacteria and infection out.
Examination continued,
As I witnessed the clumps and masses
End over end being entangled;
Words and images having an orgy
While my thoughts argued with reason!?
I muttered something or other
Trying to get a firm grasp
On the reality of the situation.
Pausing for only a moment
Being humbled by the experience
I yelled
Abouche ouverte
This Is A Clusterfuck!
I was beside myself,
And feeling a little lightheaded
Trying desperately to sort this mess out.
I needed a way to bring some order
From all this surrounding chaos,
So I started picking my brain
Coming to the conclusion
This would take some serious work,
And I did the most sensible thing:

I took a break.

Returning after the alarm sounded;
My awakening was most disturbing
To find that I had lost my mind
Somewhere between the alcohol and chocolate bars.
There in the midst of total emptiness
Were dancing hula girls
Throwing seeds aimlessly about.
I watched being amused with regrowth
As brainstorms clouded my head,
And openly flushed those seeds to bud.
My scarecrow moment finally passed.
It only took an enema of the mind
For me to understand how difficult
Writing a screenplay could be,
But thank God it’s not as painstaking
As writing a simple little poem…
I forgot all about the poem,
If I have to start anew
With what must be done -
Then it will be done rightly!

Anyone seen the pliers?

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 (comments policy)

David Barger2010-09-25 14:22:22
Insanity: using the same methods believing for different results.

Hmmm- does this also define the United States government?

Alan2010-09-25 21:14:17
Excellent poem.

David Barger2010-09-25 23:37:01
Thanks Alan!

Kathy Burgstaller2010-09-26 04:16:19
Very nice, David! The whole scenario seems a bit familiar to me... I struggle with perfectionism(and as a result: procrastination!)in that I think of all the reasons why I can't do a particular chore or task unless all my predetermined conditions are met. Thus, I don't get much done! I like your idea, though: self-lobotomy!

David Barger2010-09-26 05:04:17
Thanks for the compliment Kathy.
Note: This is just a poem and never meant to be taken literally - do not try this at home kids!

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