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When Mahmoud was dreaming Hollywood scenarios
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-09-20 08:52:52
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One characteristic dictators of this world share all during history is this self-cantered attitude, superiority complex is another characteristic but they share it also with idiots and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is no exception. The thing with the Iranian president is that even as a dictator he is a b-listed, a puppet of the real dictators, a dictator that would have made Machiavelli laugh and Mugabe look like having some kind of dignity. Ok I exaggerated; nothing can be compared to the caricature Hitler of Africa as a dictator but as a caricature Ahmadinejad is doing good work.

So in his self-cantered little world Ahmadinejad woke up one morning and after his prays and installing the new orders in his hard disk, he decided that the cold war was over let’s create a new one just to give creative inspiration to Hollywood. So after freeing a poor hacker who crossed accidentally the boarders, after leaving hints that she really was a spy, something between bat-girl, Mata Hari and mother Teresa – you see believing to anything than what the clerics of Teheran believe can lead you to stoning – he decided that it was time for exchange, something like it was happening during the cold war in Berlin.

And Sarah Shourd, the hiker has been freed and able to fly back to USA but her two companions Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal, are still there jailed and accused for spying. The ridiculous remark was when the puppet president of Iran said in an interview that her charges hadn’t dropped but she was freed out of …humanitarian reasons. That from a regime has sentenced a woman to die in stoning freaking out the whole international community including some Muslim countries.

But the best part came after when the puppet dictator pointed that: "It would not be misplaced to ask that the U.S. government should take a humanitarian gesture to release the Iranians who were illegally arrested and detained here in the United States." Oh man, Ahmadinejad thinks that Iran inherited USSR’s old glory, he thinks that Iran became world dominating power and they can dictate the rules.

Actually here there is one true, Iran has taken something from the old USSR, the ruthless ways of ruling, the imperialistic attitude towards neighbours and the dangerous attitude into provoking the international community with threats and fear. However there are also many differences. When the Berlin wall fell and we all realized that the almighty USSR was standing on glass legs and there was nothing behind the fancy front but till then there was fear and respect. And they had somehow earned the respect false or true standing in an ideology – which first Stalin never respected – that was giving an alternative to the established western philosophy.

During the cold war the world had been literally shared in two and both sides living in top secrecy had employed all kinds of actions to find out what the other side was doing and I have to point that this was before the era of the satellites. This is an important mark because if anybody in Teheran thinks that he or she can talk to his or hers telephone without somebody listening in Washington if they want then is definitely under strong medication and has no idea where he or she lives. Every time Iran made any attempts to build something new satellite photos decorated offices of the pentagon and there are thousands of eyes watching Iran night and day. And they do so not because Iran has become the respected alternative, the other side but because it is the unstable idiot who might have a nuclear bomb, too kin to use it. You see that’s another characteristic of dictators and dictatorial regimes like the one in Iran, they are paranoid.

Mahmoud obviously has been watching too many films and he should stop doing so because in real life people die innocent people and till now the dictatorial regime of Teheran and their puppet president have enough blood on their hands. And something they should always remember, history never forgets! And another characteristic history has especially regarding dictators, never forgives!

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Emanuel Paparella2010-09-20 09:48:35
It would be interesting to know Mr. Ziabari's take on these observations, but I suspect we will not hear from him on this.

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