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The Company Thinking Cap The Company Thinking Cap
by Nic Mepham
Issue 14
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I wake


each morning


Hearing it speak


of new ideas


destiny and hope




I meet


with those


I know


and speak with them


once again




Always new


head loud


with ideas


I am glad


for things to...




think about

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Get it off your chest
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winsum2006-10-02 09:57:57
by Jan Sand
Issue 9
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I made my god of fudge,
Stuck two almonds in for eyes
And peppermint squares for teeth
With cherry gumdrops underneath -
A stick of licorice, nose to size.
I made this god my judge.

This god said this I must do
And this other I cannot.
Some thoughts, to him, are OK
But others are not his way.
This bothers me a lot.
He puts me in a stew.

My god gave me no retreat
To move about in my own way.
He ties me to a rigid dream
And makes me nervous, want to scream.
The world’s not black, not white, but gray.
So this sweet god I must eat.
me too. . . .

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