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A denial that leads to Jones Bin Ladens
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-09-11 08:02:01
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If nine years after the 9/11 attacks what is left is a fanatic evangelist weaving threats to burn the Koran in a church somewhere in nowhere Florida and we all care if he has the right to express himself and speak freely then we are really doomed and Bin Laden has won. If nine years after a fascist under the veil of religion has the right to act as a barbarian and screw all the effects for peace and terrorism isolation the last decade has the power to force in the west his extreme policy then America has no difference from Taleban’s Afghanistan.

If what happens this minute in USA continues doesn’t matter if the fascist preacher will burn the Korans or not then 3,000 people are killed again and again and again; and there is absolutely no hope for the rest of us. That this is all we are all talking about a moment of international mourn not only for the Americans but for the international community since these 3,000 people were citizens of the world murdered by a fascist fanatic covered under the veil of a religion shows how much we lost since 2001.

And I can continue for pages and pages but it seems that somehow it is true; we keep forgetting the dignity of these 3,000 people, their unfair loss; why they died and who is really responsible. We want to admit it or not what happened nine years ago and through the public media all of us watched had a huge impact in our lives doesn’t matter if we live in Los Angeles or Helsinki and Athens. The act of madmen and its results we all watched live on television screen changed dramatically our lives and as I am sure future sociologists and historian will say, nine years after we are still in the process of accepting the events, often in denial.

We are in denial when we are sacrificing voluntarily rights that we fought for, for centuries just to protect our society and our democracy from the terrorists and Bin Laden and the same time we live a preacher to act just like bin Laden in the name of democracy and freedom of speech. We are in denial when crowds nearly lynch somebody in New York just because he’s wearing a hat that reminds …Muslim and the same time we are trying to find communication channels with the Taleban to end the war in Afghanistan. We are in denial when we are burning books doesn’t matter how holy over the graves of innocent.

Nine years after our denial has become criminal and this is what they use the Bin Ladens of this world doesn’t matter if their name is Osama or Jones who for his ten minutes of fame and in the name of god he’s able to send us all to hell. Is amazing when the American president is coming on television to plea for tolerance, is embarrassing for the 3,000 who died nine years ago. Actually what I think is that Jones, the preacher from this nowhere church Florida should be cuffed this minute on his way to Guantanamo Bay to share the other fanatics destiny. Actually the man is probably one of the few who earned the trip.

Nine years after the tragedy that has and will mark generations in the western words what will remain is not the tears of the kids that lost their parents, the tears of the parents that lost their kids and the tears of men and women that lost their companions in life but the threats of a fascist fanatic who imposes and enforces his foreign policy leading not only his country but the whole globe into a very dangerous path and instead of been a day of mourning the 9/11 of 2010 will be a day of agony if by the end of the night we are going to see American and European flags burning next to bibles in the middle east. Unfortunately that’s how the memory of those 3,000 will be wasted. You see the Jones of a little church in nowhere Florida or Afghanistan, Iran or Germany exist everywhere in this word looking for their fifteen minutes

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Alan2010-09-11 16:11:30
"The pastor of a Florida church says his congregation has decided to call off the burning of the Quran that was to be held Saturday - the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attack on the United States by the al Qaeda terror network. "We will definitely not burn the Quran," the Rev. Terry Jones told NBC's "Today" on Saturday "Not today, not ever." The burning had been planned for 6 p.m."

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