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Marching against or working for Obama
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-08-29 07:48:29
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Seen on the news all those elements of the American conservative right to extreme right all the way to dangerously extreme right demonstrating in the very same place where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous “I have a dream” speech makes me feel that Barack Obama is definitely doing something correct. And when I hear them screaming that “US US wandered in darkness for too long,” I definitely feel that there is hope wit this man in the American administration.

The organizer and the man behind the gathering has been a conservative talk show host form the Fox network Mr. Glenn Beck. Mr. Beck is known for his provocatively right-wing ideas and monolithic often lacking serious arguments opposition to Barack Obama even with personal strikes. So the man organized a …event, that’s how he thought it would be, a non political event where the citizens will express their opposition to the administration’s policies. Right, non political like the tea party that was organized to show opposition for the tax reforms and ended up to sponsor Palin’s campaign and nearly ended up to become the beginning of a candidates campaign for the presidency.

But somehow that’s what all of them is, isn’t it? America is in the middle of a very long campaign for the presidency with the republican candidates using all the marketing tricks in the book. Mr. Beck said that this event was not political that the choice of the day was accidental and that he didn’t expect that big participation. I presume by now he has fired all this army of advisers, reporters, journalists and experts that accompany him to his programs; and by the way he supposes to be an expert political analyst himself. Claiming that you are an idiot is not a very good enough excuse.

The same time Sarah Palin continues her campaign including this time the Mosque issue is her targets. But I think that all these issues are not going to prove helpful for the republicans in long term. The pictures of the black man nearly lynched by the demonstrators in the Ground Zero just because some thought he was a Muslim and all that because of the little hat cover he was wearing should make the republicans worry than feeling that they attract attention or at least feeling that the attention they attract is not from expertly from the people they would like.

Extreme right-wing was always an alive issue in US politics and for long time it has been covered, embraced and often used by the republicans; but all this happens behind the curtains and always under secret negotiations. The same time the people of the far right always felt closer to the republicans mainly out of hate for the democrats and especially now with the black man in the administration. The same time acts like that of Mr. Beck’s or Ms Palin’s unify the democrats and the left and liberal Americans around them but the same time they manage to do something dangerous for the republican party, they scare the traditional and centre republicans. 

This is going to be a very long campaign before the next presidential elections in one year and both sides are tensed. The Barack Obama administration has done gigantic steps regarding social issues and has helped in many ways the needed, the problems with the Obama reforms is that most of the are going to show results in long term something not good enough for a tense campaign and a democratic party that has already felt the ripples of opposition in their local elections. The republicans on the other side seem somehow to be forced into the race card, the very same one McCain tried so hard to avoid and test the democratic instinct of the Americans in general including their own supporters. As far Mr. Beck and Ms Palin; it is obvious that they have dreams for themselves. Sarah Palin feels that the republicans owe her a chance after McCain’s failure. Mr. Beck, who knows perhaps he thinks that his often promotion through the media makes him the perfect candidate. The point is that in the end understanding it on not at the moment all of them work for Barack Obama and when you see the extreme right-wing acting like that you really feel that something happens in Washington and that Obama administration really is doing some good work over there.

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Anastasios2010-08-30 15:36:18
Thano as always right on target. Beck and Palin could be entertaining if they were fictional characters.but the war against the Obama administration is real. The ultra-rich want the American people to be totally exposed to them with no government no laws no regulations to protect them. Palin characters are promising, willing puppets.America is a great nation but like any other nation she too has her ghosts..

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