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How you call Muslims who slaughter Muslims?
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-08-26 07:44:50
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From the beginning of the invasion to Iraq we keep reading in the news about bombs and countless victims with young children a lot of times included in the victims; I suppose some think that these kids and their mothers are responsible for what happened and continues happening in that poor country otherwise why to kill them. And the numbers of the victims – including young kids – are nightmarish, nineteen yesterday another fifteen the day before and twelve in the beginning of the week and that’s only this week.

The same time more and more people from the Arab and Middle East world marching the streets and demonstrate in many ways including online campaigns against the western occupation in Iraq, the murderous accidents in Afghanistan and the public reaction to the plan to build Mosque in the Ground Zero zone in New York. And yes they have my support, I agree that somebody has to answer for those deadly ‘accidents’ in Afghanistan and I agree that the invasion to Iraq without the support or even the acceptance of the United Nations was at least unethical – legal but not moral but I will return to that later - and again some have to answer for that.

Coming now to the plans to build a Mosque in the Ground Zero zone in New York to start with the plan is to build a cultural centre something obviously both sides forget showing at least to me that the “cultural centre” is just a cover for the real aims. There are laws and apparently constitutional laws in USA that protect everybody’s faith and the people’s right to practice their faith wherever they want, period. But this is where we step into dangerous waters, what is legal is not necessarily moral and vice versa (I did mention it before). It is legal for the Muslim people in USA to build a place of warship even in the centre of the Ground Zero if they want but is it moral? Don’t they somehow dishonour the victims by building a mosque at the Ground Zero and provoke their families? Again that the terrorists were Muslims doesn’t mean that all Muslims are terrorists and murderers but let me use an example to make you understand better what I’m trying to say.

The Catholics in Northern Ireland for years have been guilty for some unbelievable crimes and sadly one of the things that separates the people in Northern Ireland it is religion, Catholics and Protestants. But this has been one of the things and perhaps this thing helps them identify themselves and their unity and concord, it is like they all belong to a club. But that was not their motivation or reasoning for their acts. The reasoning, excuse, call it whatever you want it has been Ireland’s independence from the English colonists. And nobody ever held Catholics and the Catholic Church responsible for what happened for decades in Northern Ireland even though as lately documents proved, there was involvement of catholic priests. But Bin Laden, Al-Qaeda and the rest terrorist groups do whatever they do in the name of Islam carrying Korans and using religion as their reasoning and excuse.

The Catholic Church never supported any extremist act in Northern Ireland and I never saw the Pope waving the bible preaching for Northern Ireland but unfortunately we all have seen Muslim clerics to wave the Koran, to bless bombers and excuse acts like the one in the Twin Towers. We have seen country leaders waving the Koran and blessing terrorism even secretly (?) funding terrorists and terror acts. The connections between a lot of royals in the Saudi and Middle East world even with Bin Laden is the worst kept secret in modern history while Mullahs from Teheran to great Britain looking for volunteers who want to be train into carrying body bombs for the supreme sacrifice. There stands the moral question. The amazing thing is that the real victims of the whole thing are the US Muslims who are left alone trying to prove that they are not elephants. How can they prove it when everybody, especially their own coreligionists point at them? So instead looking at the American Islamophobia we should look at the problems the ones who preach the Islam have brought to the Muslim world and the Muslim people. The moral questions I said before.

And then it is the innocent and the kids who are dying in Bagdad, the pictures of those butchered faces in the news that brings another kind of questions.  Yes the Americans ‘accidentally’ killed people in Afghanistan but they didn’t kill the nineteen yesterday in Iraq; yes they are responsible for the wrongdoing with the invasion to Iraq – the moral wrongdoing - and they will answer to that but they didn’t kill the eighty in Iraq last week and the hundreds the last months. And yes there are legal and moral issues regarding the plan for a mosque in the ground zero in New York but there are definitely moral and legal issues regarding the murders of hundreds in Iraq from their own people. And there are moral and legal issues for the cover up of those murders. Or the reasoning of the cover up it is that the murderers are …not westerns? Because that’s what it is, it is not westerns but …it is cannibalism and it happens in the name of Koran …again!

While the western media report the bombings and the victims the Arab and Middle East media with very few exceptions that strictly report the events have nothing, absolutely nothing about the victims and the events. For them Islamophobia in USA is the main thing and Wikileaks the next big hit – nothing against Wikileaks, on the contrary. And the Arab and Middle East media often accuse the western Islamophobia as a well organized plan but then the murder of hundreds – including kids - in Iraq this moment if it is not an organized plan then what is it? And who is morally and legally responsible? And is anybody going to answer or in the name of Koran is forgiven? How you call Muslim that slaughter Muslims in the name of Islam? And for the end, what is the role of Iran to all that?

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