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Vision for students of Europe - Dream Foundation: Helping people closer to their dreams
by Newropeans-Magazine
2010-08-15 08:57:06
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Dreaming and dreams are one of the most powerful things that can move mountains and make great things happen. Think for a second about world-changing inventions like a lamp bulb or airplane and extraordinary achievements like visiting the Moon – it all started from a dream. But how does one find his dream and passion?

From my personal experience I can say that when I was studying abroad in Newropeans-Magazinethe UK my mind was opened up to a completely new world and possibilities. Being away from home and studying in a foreign country was fantastic period in my life. Now I share a dream of Dream Foundation to help young people to dream about things they never came across before.

Our dream for Europe is that all the students should be able to go study full time in any country in Europe and on top of that the application process should be easy, convenient and affordable to everyone.

With the help of many successful international organisations there have been created good possibilities for students to go abroad as exchange students (via Erasmus) or as interns (via AIESEC). Even for high school students there is an exchange program (via YFU). But what about high school graduates?

Going to study abroad after high school is not yet so common. To tell from my experience, a lot of young people don’t even realise that they have this right and possibility. Or it might be considered as only the opportunity for students from wealthy families.

To help people move closer to their dreams Dream Foundation supports them in the acquisition of necessary skills, knowledge and information needed to begin their studies abroad. Dream Foundation aims to introduce people to different opportunities they have to continue their studies abroad. These are life-changing possibilities.

Majgrit Kallavus, who is a student in Denmark shares her experience with Dream Foundation: “Applying process was very easy and quick. The web-page had all the information that was needed and it was very easy to find a suitable study program for me. Also every problem and question got an answer very quickly.”

Today, Dream Foundation is cross-European study abroad organisation providing high quality possibilities, innovative applying solutions and wide range of support services for everyone desiring to study in a foreign country. We are working with higher education institutions from 15 countries and expanding the choice constantly.

Kirsten Vester, a representative of VIA University College in Denmark shares her experience with Dream Foundation: ”I have printed out the applications from your website. And I am really pleased to experience how easy it is to operate it. Everything went smoothly and it worked without any problems at all - very nice!”

At the same time we are continuing to expand our network of local branches to bring the possibilities closer to everyone. We are constantly looking for people wanting to become part of Dream Foundation.

Dreams can be small or great, but there are plenty of them for each one of us! We hope Dream Foundation can help many people go to study abroad to experience this fantastic and life-changing possibility and move closer to their dreams. And at the same time to see Europe and feel like European :)


Katriin Visamaa,
Manager of International Relations of Dream Foundation

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