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Cloning food, greed and misery
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-08-07 08:44:47
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The dilemma is pretty …tempting. From the one side you have millions starving and anything that could help them and save lives it’s worth to try from the other side you have the commercialize science in the name of greed with the starving continue die and of course all the other theoretical complications cloning brings. Reading about the clone cows that have become part of the British milk and meat production I had the same reaction the average consumer has, horror and terror. I have exactly the same reaction to any genetically improved products doesn’t matter if there are just vegetables or meat. Actually and more often the last few years and despite my cynicism I try to buy genetically free products and as more natural as it is possible.

This “as it is possible” is a huge thing that I have to explain. I have mention it before that worked for a retails company for a nearly a decade and that experience has led me to be more …picky in what I eat and how I see products in the supermarkets. If you put aside my experiences with visits to series of food industries – with some of them leading in the food market – that made me to totally stop eating a whole series of popular products and be extremely careful with others. And I’m talking about products that there are in our table everyday, products that we give to our kids and they are in their daily diet; I saw how the retails and the industry acted and reacted when the light and healthy products started their first small steps in the market. Please believe me, the marketing departments had an orgasm!

Most of the marketing departments of the gigantic retail businesses in late 1980s had reached their promotion pick using all the kinds of tricks and media and to my opinion exploring kids to every single level. We had already seen girls advertising ham in bikinis and milk with their breasts and they were in front of a dead end and in another article in the past I have explained how huge are the advertisement and marketing budgets and how many businesses live next to retails. And when health and green and light products appeared all the marketing departments felt like wining the lotto. Here was a new virgin land to explore and most of all here were the consumers ready to eat whatever you were going to serve.

The people had started worrying about the food they eat, they started reading more and more often in the media about the damage food can do and how products could seriously damage your health. Light products and health products had become a life style and suddenly from the back shelves for the freaks moved to the windows and cover pages. Then the adverts didn’t need to show a bikini girl with a piece of ham, the bikini girl was enough, and the slim muscular yuppie didn’t need the ball of serial next to him, his face full of pleasure was enough. But it was not only the marketing that had an orgasm it was the industry that had multiple orgasms.

The truth is that there is no control internationally in what the food industry really is doing. But before I get there please think a small example, there are light, extra light and super extra light cigarettes. What the difference between them when it comes to the harm the tobacco does to your health? I’m not going to say anything more but when it comes to food things get a bit more wild. Who can control and how if in the millions of gallons for example a milk company uses every hour for example how many of them are light, pasteurized, healthy, coming from healthy and naturally bred animals? The states test every so often – usually is once every six months – with the industry actually sending them the examples they are going to test. Remember what I mentioned in the beginning, that just my visits to some industries led me to stop eating a series of things and remember something basic, there is nothing left with an animal – a cow for example – when the industry finishes with that animal, absolutely nothing. Everything has finished one way or another in your plate. Things that if you were aware you would never eat, you would be scared even to touch.

So know everybody seems surprised because they found cloned animals producing milk and meat in UK. I bet is a case of months for all of us to find out that we are in clone diet the last few years. And if somebody had told me that this was a way to feed to starving, that that makes access to food cheaper and easier, make meat easy to reach even the poorest tables I might have given a thought about it, don’t forget that this is the basic argument to genetically modified agricultural products but again just like the genetically modified wheat everything else is to make some greedy industrialists and their share holders richer and leave the starve to die obviously cloning misery. And all that of course limiting our thought into cloning animals for food, the rest is not marketing but a nightmare!

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