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The monstrous little sister
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-08-06 08:47:41
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Her brother demanded from leaders from all around the world, from ambassadors and representatives to participate in her mourning and funeral. He called her a heroin of the nation and a woman example for the generations to come. The truth is that she was a cold blooded snake, a scumbag and precious member of the murderous clan that rules Zimbabwe. And of course I’m talking about the late Sabina Mugabe, Africa’s caricature Hitler Robert Mugabe’s sister.

The woman like all the family and probably anybody who carries the name Mugabe in Zimbabwe added to her properties thousands of hectares of land, the very same land Mugabe supposedly stole from the white farmers to share “equally” to the not-privilege black farmers. I suppose what he meant was since the Mugabe family represents the Zimbabweans they can keep the land and if the white farmers didn’t use the black locals as slaves to try themselves just to enrich their experiences.

Because this is the true regarding Sabina Mugabe, the woman was not only a racist against the white people but she was also prejudice against her own compatriots. Mugabe’s little sister was not the last sibling of the family, the sweet little princes but a monster, a viper with very poisonous teeth. And my wonder is not why the ambassadors who left the funeral during Mugabe’s speech bit that they actually gone to the funeral embarrassing their countries in the eyes of the still and continuing suffering Zimbabwean people.

The reports have it that Mugabe in a Hitler style hysterical speech he called the western countries to go to hell for interfering with his country’s affairs. In eastern, western, southern and northern democracies the leaders don’t expect the ambassadors of all the countries to participate in their little sister’s funeral, birthday or wedding. And if they do participate they do it out of courtesy and they are appreciated for that. But I suppose these things are beyond people like Mugabe. And democratic leaders know that the countries belong to their people who have elected them to run the country representing them and not to rule their destinies for life.

No western, eastern northern or southern country did to Zimbabwe what he did himself, no democracy would ever hurt the people of Zimbabwe, no normal country in the beginning of the 21st century would like to see an enslaved Zimbabwe and everyth8ing this land produces going to the pockets of one man and his murderous gang. Most of all there is nobody all around the world who likes to see the people of Zimbabwe starve and die lacking basics like bread and water while Mugabe, his family and his gang organize birthday parties and pompous funerals.

Nobody wants to interfere with Zimbabwe’s internal politics and decisions but everybody want to see this inhuman catastrophe to come to an end. Nobody wants even to know how Zimbabweans rule their country and run their lives but the pictures of hundreds of people around a dead elephant cutting pieces to befool their hunger are heartbreaking and makes you want to act. The same way you act when you see a kid tortured, the same way you act when you see somebody robbed, raped and killed. Because that’s exactly what Mugabe has been doing to Zimbabwe for decades. He’s robbing, raping and killing literally the people; there is no metaphor or inspired poetic parallel here. Africa’s Hitler has robbed, raped and killed and he continues now to rob rape and kill.

This is why all the countries have left their ambassadors and representatives in Zimbabwe, not to accompany and honour the monster and his family but to do the little they can to help all those people to give them the chance to be listen and seen all around the world and perhaps in very small human side to do something personally and all that hoping that the day will come when Mugabe and his murderous gang will pay for his crimes. And I really hope nobody else form that family and gang dies soon like Sabina Mugabe because I wouldn’t like to see them escaping with so light punishment!

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Anastasios2010-08-07 00:20:25
Learning about the situation in such African nations is always interesting and great learning experience for Europeans and Americans as well.But it is a sad, stunningly macabre scenario where locals get rid of the "colonial" power and then engage in a brutal campaign against their own people. Mugabe type criminals should be the target of superpowers who by simply doing God's work would gain unprecedented moral leverage by doing good to the third world. But then suddenly some yaght's engine woke me up as I was taking my nap in Santorini...

Thanos2010-08-07 12:50:37
Hope you enjoy your holidays!!! :))

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