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A flotilla of politics as usual
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-08-03 08:50:12
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The Gaza flotilla made it to the headlines once again only this time for a different reason, the United Nations decided to launch a panel that will investigate the incident which left nine people dead and the surprise came from Israel that announced that will help in any way to clear out things. What they didn’t mention in their announcement all sides was an old principal in politics, when you want something to be delayed and dismissed create a committee or a panel or anything similar.

Before I get any further I have to note something more I noticed in the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s announcement which has its semantics importance. The secretary general pointed that he hopes Israel’s cooperation will "impact positively on the relationship between Turkey and Israel as well as the overall situation in the Middle East." So that was the problem and I was wandering why we keep talking about the helpless people in Gaza!

Weeks ago when the United Nations announced the creation of the investigation panel I wrote an article when I pointed that this was an announcement politics as usual and it is mainly American politics under the cover of the UN with Ban Ki-moon the main instrument. First of all if anybody thinks that the American policy towards Israel will change they are smoking something they don’t want to admit it. There are just too many ties between the two administrations and I don’t mean only the Obama or the Bush administration. This has been from the beginning of Israel as a country and it will continue for as long there are countries and geopolitical interests.

Israel is the only real ally America has in the wider region, the rest are just allies out of temporary common interests and nothing more. When these interests change Americans find alternative solutions as the small incidents with turkey the last two decades has shown. Israel for all the US administrations is more important than California, Nevada and New Mexico together and they will defend this state doesn’t mater what. And the Gaza flotilla is just an incident in front of other things the US administrations have given cover to Israel actions even if that meant going against the whole world.

Ban Ki-moon from the other side – and I have pointed that from the beginning of his entrance in the office - is a man with a mission. He was the worst possible choice for the position and he still is, the man is there to serve interests that most of the time has absolutely nothing to do with international peace but to serve certain agendas. The US administrations had enough problems with UN after Waldheim and they wanted somebody who will play the game. What happened with Iraq and the naïve reaction from the UN is the best prove. Ki-moon is there to soften things and it is an exchange for the cover he got after his failure and the mysteriously covered scandals in South Korea.

Then it is turkey, another ally in the region with geopolitical importance but unbalance behaviour. So the American administrations need somebody to keep the leash and who’s best for the job than Israel. Actually Turkey would love to be Israel in the place of Israel in many ways and with the usual ottoman attitude, where you cannot bite …lick! With Islamic-democrats in the government – like the Christian democrats in most European countries – and for strong internal reasons Turkey has to help the Palestinian brothers. But it had to do it very carefully and they did so but nine dead from Israeli bullets didn’t help much. The balance broke and we have to do something so send Ki-moon, which explains the quick Israeli reaction and acceptance. They also had a mission!

I suppose the last element are the poor Palestinians in Gaza, innocent people who live in a nightmare the last decades, not in a recession but in forced poverty who barely survive do to the help they actually don’t get if the flotilla doesn’t get there – and it didn’t – who depend even for the smallest basic needs from the help they get from abroad. Well, for decades they are in the middle of the geological carousel, the intrigues, the hidden agendas and personal ambitions; so who cares? Definitely not Ki-moon!

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