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Following orders
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-08-02 07:22:50
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There is one phrase I always hated because it has become the worst but most commonly used phrase for all short of crimes in history, follow orders. When it comes the time to answer for any kind of horrific actions in all levels the answer remains one and the same, “I followed orders.” Period and that is the excuse for everything, absolutely everything. But now we have something even worst, the warning before the “follow orders” and it is “national security.”

I checked the Wikileaks I suppose like everybody else the last few days. I watched a couple of videos and read a few documents aiming mainly for the most important that had made already headlines in all the media. And yes I closed my eyes a couple of time watching the videos and yes I shook my head few times reading the documents. And yea there were names in some documents but you could see that there were the names of bureaucrats and the ones who “follow orders.”

As far the information that described policy and theorises adding facts and information, well there was nothing new about them. I wrote exactly the same things last week and when it comes to Pakistani double policy or better double crucifying I wrote about it a year ago, two years ago, four years ago and it was one of my strongest arguments against General Musharraf when George W. Bush and his military advisers promoted him as the most important western ally in the region. Actually they did so straight after the 9-11 when American was in need of an ally in the area totally ignoring India for example; but you see India has traditionally been more a European ally than American and American administrations don’t really like that, they are more attracted to monopolies when it comes to allies.

However the new through the pentagon has started with a new message that I’m sorry to say reminds a lot of Goebbels, according the law perhaps Wikileaks are not guilty about anything but they are guilty ethically since they endanger the lives of people in Pakistan and Afghanistan and the American relations with ally nations. They are joking aren’t they? They either joking or they think that people are totally stupid. If they didn’t want to endanger lives and policies why then did they screw up so badly? If they worried so much why did they kill so many innocent, why did they play Pakistan’s game and why did they let American and not only American but NATO soldiers to get killed many times in vein? Oh no, I forgot; they were following orders!

What about all those reinsurances for only carefully strategic and surgically executed targets, what about all those sophisticated weapons, the upgraded information services on the ground and the secretive observation even from space. What about to win the minds and the hearts of the local and in the end what the hell is the true? What really happened in Iraq and how many people have really died in Iraq and Afghanistan since these wars have started. The soldiers are accountable and the innocent are …what? Spies for the enemy? Contiguous casualty nobody is responsible for? They were uncountable aliens?

Does all that reminds of Vietnam or is it just me? When the pentagon and the American administrations actually forced everybody to understand an oligarchic and dictatorial regime after seen all those documents for what the Americans had done to the innocent people who just happened to live in Vietnam and Cambodia. I think this is one of their most disgusting achievements, to make us feel sentimental sympathy for those regimes and they are fully responsible for that. If the pentagon, the secret services community and the American administration continue this Goebbels style propaganda I’m afraid they will see Vietnam all over again and this time it will be much worst because the enemy this time has found its way to our houses.

But I suppose if I continue to ask questions I will get the answer I deserve in the end; we follow orders it’s all about national security!

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