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But seriously Europe
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-07-31 08:27:18
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While reporters witnessed the unbelievable act of the French police evicting with unexcused force African immigrants, mainly mothers and kids in a Parisian suburb the French president warns that the French nationality will be stripped from anyone with foreign origin who threatened the life of a policeman.  Of course you are wandering what his going to strip from the policemen but the same time mothers and policemen have hit the news quite a lot this week in France.

Last week the police arrested a woman who admitted killing eight newborns fully aware of her act shocking and probably traumatising with all the details not only the French people but all the world. At least the media tried to keep all the news for the crime in fairly low profile. Of course nothing keeps in low profile Europe’s clown, Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi who had to deal very important and national interest issues. First of all and I think for this complicated man the most important he had to admit that he’s getting older, he actually called himself “play-old” instead of playboy. I think that was his worst defeat ever.

The second issue Berlusconi had to deal with it was the split in his party and the escape of his party’s cofounder Gianfranco Fini. Of course Fini used all the right ideological excuses for his betrayal to Berlusconi but he missed something very important Italians know very well, nobody really cares for the coalition and it could have any name, it doesn’t matter. What they care is for Berlusconi to be there leading and becoming the nation’s role model.

And talking about role models the new boss of British Petrol in USA comes in mind. Been American with good connection in the political and business world was very high in his references and played serious role for his choosing. Which means that an environmental catastrophe solution is good PR. Big role for the dismissal of the former BP boss and a lot of anger from the Americans was his British accent. You see as I found out lately most of the British films that reach American cinemas are subtitled for the simple reason and according the American audience, the actors don’t speak …good English. Consequently the biggest problem with the oil spill was communication.

Communication seems to be also the problem at the moment in Germany, where Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to have totally lost her communication with the German public and that expecting a very hard autumn with the socialists keep rising and definitely enjoying it. Another government that doesn’t have good time is the Greek government that has to deal from one side with the financial reality, the International Monetary Fund, the European partners who still doubt and from the other side with the unions and the Greek people who have enough of cuts. The strange thing is that both sides, the government and the people, have the right on their side.

Another two sides have their arguments that apparently sound right are in Serbia and Kosovo and Serbia points that UN’s high court’s decision last week has opened Pandora’s box for many countries all around the world while Kosovo says that it is their right to demand their independence. Both sides expect the United Nations to solve their problem with the heat among the politicians in both sides rising dramatically.

Heat and drama is the issue in another part of the continent. Forest fires have already killed 23 people in Russia and the army has been called to help. Amazingly the dispirit Russians have turned to god praying for heavy rain but the thermometers don’t seem to obey with temperatures hitting records high. More to pray seem to be Romanian beggars that have flooded all Europe sitting in corners and pretending to pray expecting people to …pay them. Somehow it seems to be the only ones who have escaped the general recession.

And of course in the middle of all that somebody actually bought Winston Churchill’s …false teeth. If anything else and history has taught us the great man knew how to seriously bite!

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