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Sarah is back, tweeting
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-07-30 08:44:27
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In the beginning she was the guest star in a gig called the Tea-Party; then she took over the central stage and the gig turned into a mega-show where the good old ‘values’ that everybody tries to forget became the issue and in the end she took her twitting mobile telephone and started commenting., so what really going on with Sarah Palin?

I used to loathe Margaret Thatcher, another persona people miss forgetting that she was the one who started the social and structural decadence of Britain as you see it today but Sarah is something else. At least Maggie never challenged democracy, Sarah does constantly. A few months ago I was wandering of her sudden and unexpected resignation and actually haven’t got any answers yet but her return seems to be very focus, orientated and well targeting.

But before why get to Sarah’s targets let’s see how the situation is in USA nowadays. Barrack Obama has made the difference and has brought some dramatic changes not only to American politics but to the American society. The problem with his changes are that they are long term changes and for some of them like the health plan it might take a full generation before we actually see the difference. As things are thins moment people can only see the short term and in short term the changes mean money and money that has to be spent, money that has to be found and as usual the state is looking for those money through tax.

The important part of the electoral mass is not the ones who vote wittingly democrats or republicans. These people will always vote the same party doesn’t matter whose leading, it is a case of principal and this is fully understandable, the point is the mass of the ones who balance from one part to the other and make the difference. These are the ones who gave Barack Obama the victory and these are the people who judge the administration from the contemporary results. And the bitter truth for Obama is that in this case he hasn’t had much success. And this is the part Sarah has targeted.

This swinging mass is mainly constituted from lower middle class people who blame for the higher tax not the international situation – after all this exactly mass is the very same one that believes in America’s neutrality or better isolation – for the continued war in Afghanistan – are the very same who paraded for the invasion to Iraq – and for the insecurity in their work environment – are the very same ones who say that they are proud capitalists ignoring the fact that unemployment is not something the socialists discover. And finally are the ones who blame everything not on the democrats but on the first black American president.

During his campaign Obama very honourably refused to use the racial issue but it is Sarah who will force him to do something about or better with it. The Tea-party didn’t even reach the expectation of the organizer until Sarah Palin got involved. And as I mentioned in the beginning she was not in the program, her first appearances came as a guest. Then it was not a tea-party anymore, it was Sarah Palin’s gig. The participants were the usual suspects, hard core republicans, retired ‘good old days’ republicans and supremacists in the closet; far from the organizers’ dreams. But with Sarah things changed. And of course Sarah, the former model, the former television persona and present egocentric messiah found an audience that could hear the things behind the words that were coming out of her mouth – you se in public she has to be politically correct.

Oddly it was tweeting in the social services that betrayed her. In the announcement that there was a plan for a Muslim cultural centre near the ground zero where the twin towers stood she reacted with a message where she was calling the act provocative. So Sarah Palin did exactly what everybody else with a bit of brain tries to avoid the last five years, connect terrorism with Islam. I was wondering what she would say if somebody had thought to put a status of Mohamed Ali there; the all American hero who was also a Muslim. And he was not or better is not the only one. How many American Muslims serve or died in Iraq and in Afghanistan, how many died in Vietnam and how many live next door? This was a purely prejudice comment and I don’t want to know what she says about the first black American president when the lights are off behind closed doors. Actually she does say everything without using words and there is an audience that listens, now in tea parties later in bourbon campaigns. Terrifying? Well we are only in the beginning!

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