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David Cameron and the Pakistani equation
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-07-29 07:34:44
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It was national security, it is damaging the prospects for regional peace and I feel really strange finding myself agreeing with David Cameron and happy he opened his mouth and said some truths doesn’t matter how bitter they are especially to the American allies ears. David Cameron in a speech to Indian business leaders in Bangalore he pointed that something has to change in relation with Pakistan and its two ways policy. And that was not hint; it was a loud and straight accusation.

And naturally Pakistan's high commissioner to Britain accused Cameron of damaging the prospects for regional peace, and criticised him for believing allegations in the Wikileaks documents and if I remember well the former Pakistani dictator General Musharraf had spent something like five years answering exactly the same accusations without much success. But without much success democracy has come to Pakistan either and the old establishment with the all mighty secret services ruling behind the curtains is just the same, some names have changed only.

And this deep state – I suppose the Turkish model works also in Pakistan – has two targets, destabilize India with any element and under any cost and then divide and rule the region even if that means allying with the devil, the Taleban and Bin Laden. And they do. Nobody – including American and British secret services – were waiting for Wikileaks to tell them that the Pakistani deep state arms for years all the terrorist elements in the area with the Taleban their favourites. After all under their umbrella most of the north East Pakistan is controlled by the local Taleban and the connections with Al-Qaeda are more than just rumours.

I have wrote it many times before that is not history that repeats herself but people who repeat history in their arrogance and the last two American administrations joined by their satellites in Europe with Tony Blair their star and the east European states in the tail have done every single mistake by the book – well I wish they had been bother even to read resent history books. Bin Laden is a creation of the American secret services funded financially from the biggest American ‘ally’ in the Middle East and supported with materials from the “best ally in the Region” according to George W. Bush, Pakistan.

As the files in the Wikileaks have shown Bin Laden hadn’t exactly vanished from earth but he was often spotted in Pakistani territory and there are reports even from mainstream media for the local support with the Pakistani secret services behind to the Taleban in the boarders with Afghanistan. Actually Pakistan has become the perfect hiding place for all of them.

The foreign and especially the Pakistani regional police from its foundations has been blinded from one and only thing, how to harm India, how to humiliate them and how to act as the winner in a battle that never started but continues for decades with different excuses all the time and without good reason in the end. Aggressive militaristic policy decorated with a lot of threats has been the issue since the 1950s and the dangerous part is that Pakistan has weapons of mash distraction and especially nuclear arsenal. That is a very dangerous sign especially when you add the Taleban and Bin Laden element; actually it becomes one pretty explosive equation.

David Cameron was very brave to say what he said loud and in public and what remains is for the Americans to accept the new reality – that oddly Wikileaks has put them in – and start acting, pressuring Pakistan and form answers and solution in a very dangerous situation where the enemy is not a ghost but a real army with weapons and threatens not only a region but continents.

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