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A Bible for the Not Religious
by Clifford W. Lazar
2010-07-29 07:34:32
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 Most adults declare that they are “Spiritual, Not Religious” or "Cultural, Not Religious".  They say they seldom, if ever, attend church or synagogue.

not_religious_400The purpose of this booklet is to propose a 21st Century Bible and ethics, based on 3000 years of experience since the original Ten Commandments for “Not Religious” peoples.  The ethics are steeped in the Social Contract.  It is not a promotion of atheism.  God, if he exists, seems to provide absolution for sin and the sinner and thus sin continues.  Since professed religious people need to be more ethical and responsible for all their actions there are insights here for them.

Presumably, “Spiritual, Not Religious” means that those people believe there is a higher power or a force or a creator who they recognize but to whom they don’t pray.  There are “Spiritual” people who actively celebrate their belief in a higher power by basking the beauty of creation, nature and the warmth of their fellow spiritualists.

You will find Clifford Lazar’s book in Ovi Bookshop, HERE!

You can download the PDF for free.

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