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How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-07-27 09:15:26
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Bear takes short ride in car

bizarre01_400_01The interior of the Toyota was destroyed as the bear fought to get out. A bear climbed into an empty car in the US state of Colorado, sounded the horn and sent the vehicle rolling down hill with the terrified animal still inside. The car's owner, 17-year-old Ben Story, took a snap of the panic-stricken bear as it demolished the inside of his vehicle in its bid to escape. Police in Larkspur, near Denver, eventually freed the animal by opening the door from a distance using a rope.

It is believed the bear was attracted by a sandwich left on the back seat. Mr Story and his family were asleep when the bear opened the unlocked door of his 2008 Toyota Corolla in the early hours of the morning and climbed inside. Mr Story's father, Ralph, said the bear must have hit the car's automatic transmission into neutral sending it rolling backwards 125ft (38m), off the driveway, down an embankment and into a thicket of trees. "The four-way flashers were on. It's like he knew what was going on, and kept hitting the horn," he told Denver's 7News.

Once the car door closed behind the bear, it was trapped inside. Ben Story said his car was wrecked. "It [the bear] was a pretty good size, actually it was pretty big. If you look at the inside of the car, there's nothing left at all. You could see it moving around, it like took up the entire inside of the car." The bear was last seen running into the woods. Colorado wildlife expert Tyler Baskfield said bears often entered cars and houses in search of food. "It happens all the time," he said. "They're very smart."


Lying nun begs on behalf of unholy rape clan

bizarre02aFor a decade, Sister Milindia has tugged on heartstrings in Little Italy. Wearing a cross, veil and nun's black habit, she approaches strangers and asks for donations, saying she's an Episcopal sister raising money for an orphanage and the homeless. Saturday, July 17, was typical for her. She spent the day hustling along Mulberry Street's busy pedestrian plaza, ducking into Italian restaurants and thrusting her metal cup at shoppers, diners and passers-by. "Please give money for the children of St. Joseph's," she asked a reporter seated at an outdoor table at Giovanna's Ristorante.
Many did, and after five hours of begging, Sister Milindia called it quits. At 6:30 p.m., she bought some bootleg DVDs outside a pharmacy and caught the Brooklyn-bound Q train at Canal Street. During the ride, she tried peddling vials of perfume to a female straphanger, who turned her down.  She got off at Avenue J/Kings Highway, where, cigarette dangling from her lips, she disrobed on the street.  She pulled off her white coif, black veil and tunic-like habit to reveal a pink tank top. She put on brown shorts under her black skirt, which she peeled off, folded and stuffed into a plastic bag. After buying a sandwich, canned pasta and a bottle of water, she took a bus to Linden Boulevard in East New York, lit another cigarette and rang the bell at 714 Jerome St., a rundown brick house with garbage strewn across its front yard.

A hulking man emerged, gave her a bear hug and whacked her lustily on the behind.  A boy who answered the door bizarre02bthere two days later said she had gone to Atlantic City.  All in a day's work for the lying nun. "Sister Milindia" is not a sister. The Episcopal Church has never heard of her; she's been busted at least once, in 1997, for misrepresenting herself as a nun in The Bronx; and the orphanage for which she claims to raise money doesn't exist.

Her real name is Mindy LeGrand, 54, and she's connected to a "church" in Crown Heights founded in the 1970s by a killer rapist with a harem of a dozen phony nuns. The church is now led by the founder's son, who is also a convicted rapist.  The outfit has no Episcopal or other church affiliation, is not a registered charity and has no foster- or day-care license of any kind. The pseudo-sister spins competing tales. She tells some would-be donors that she's collecting for an orphanage in upstate Liberty and others that the money is "for the homeless." She described herself as a "missionary sister for the Episcopalian Church" and claimed to care for 37 13-year-old girls. She told a reporter that she was different from other nuns "because we take only two vows," which she declined to explain.


Professor returns from vacation, gets 'foiled'

bizarre03_03A science professor at Gustavus Adolphus College left for a week's vacation this summer and returned to a shiny office. Very shiny. Professor Scott Bur's students had covered his office in aluminium foil. Computer screen, chairs, the ceiling, the floor - all covered in foil. Books and pens were individually wrapped, so was the phone, a ball cap, a bottle and the coffee maker.

Bur said it's a sort of tradition among his research group. He goes on vacation and when he comes back there's ... something. That last time it happened, his office was decorated for a fairy princess. Pink fabric and bows covered everything. The pink glow from the office could be across campus. Senior Kristen Jahr said the foil prank required 10, 200-foot rolls of foil.

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