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Number 6000
by Asa Butcher
2010-09-10 07:28:40
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Can you believe it happened again? I began the celebration of article 5,000 with an apology for being four months late and here I am starting with the same words for article 6,000. Okay, I am only 60 days overdue this time, so I am improving and may even reduce the tardiness to a fortnight come article 7,000.

Our dedicated readers will know by know that it has become an Ovi magazine tradition to mark each "thousandth" article by recapping the articles that were posted at the "hundredth" mark. Let's take a look back over the 258 days it took us to go from 5,000 to 6,000.

British Report
By Euro Reporter
16 November 2009

This Euro Report features three stories from Great Britain.

Quote: "Government records show that at least 150,000 children aged between three and 14 were taken abroad, mainly to Australia and Canada, in a programme that began in 1920 and did not stop until 1967"


Copenhagen report II

By Euro Reporter

10 December 2009

Euro Reporter took on a slightly new role when it covered the second day of the 15th United Nations Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC) in Copenhagen.

Quote: "The organization reports that the industry has saved 1 billion tons of CO2e emissions from recycling between 1990 to 2008 and its total PFC emissions (t CO2e) fell by 70 percent with no increase in total direct emissions between 1990 & 2008, while doubling production."


French report

By Euro Reporter
5 January 2010

It appears we should offer our intrepid Euro Reporter a holiday. France was the destination with three curious stories filed.

Quote: "According to the newspaper “Le Monde”, Camus’s son Jean found the idea of transferring his father’s body to be an “aberration” saying it was down to political “manoeuvring”."


Western Meddling with Iran's Nuclear Program is Unacceptable: Part 2/2
By Dr. Habib Siddiqui
7 February 2010

Dr. Habib Siddiqui has contributed numerous articles and essays to Ovi; this contribution was a two-parter that broached the controversial subject of Iran's determination to obtain a nuclear capacity.

Quote: "For a genuine dialogue with Iran to succeed, our western leaders need to make a much more active effort to engage the Iranians, listening and responding to their concerns, allaying their suspicions, ending “regime change” policies and offering the real prospect of recognition to the Islamic Republic and normal relations with the United States."


The iron curtain ...speech
By The Ovi Team
5 March 2010

On March 5th, 1946, Winston Churchill delivered one of the first speeches condemning what he thought was a Soviet Union bent on the expansion of communism in Europe and around the world, during the speech he coined the phrase "The Iron Curtain" which was then used by many future politicians.

Quote: "From Stettin in the Baltic to Trieste in the Adriatic, an iron curtain has descended across the Continent. Behind that line lie all the capitals of the ancient states of Central and Eastern Europe."


Somethin' Is Better Than Nothin'

By Leah Sellers

29 March

Leah Sellers was among the first on Ovi magazine to write a "thank you" to President Obama for his Healthcare reforms earlier this year.

Quote: "Thank you for your Courageous Compassionate Action, tenacious Perseverance, and Nobility within Grace."


Arakan: A Field of Muslim Genocide

By Rohingya Human Rights

19 April

Ovi supports many worthy causes; one of which is human rights for the Rohingya people.

Quote: "There is no hope of  improving life of the people of Burma unless the long rooted  military dictatorship is removed for ever for why  international attention to the issue  of  the people of Burma is inevitable."


Humoresque - Circle of Life
By Loren Fishman
18 May

Ovi magazine is proud to exhibit Loren Fishman's fondness and facility for doodling. His cartoons make inane observations on social situations and are well-worth checking out.

Quote: "The circle of life meets the triangle of inconvenience."


Whither the Nobel Peace Prize?
By Kourosh Ziabari
14 June 2010

Kourosh Ziabari, our contributor from Iran, turned his attention to Obama and the aftermath of him receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

Quote: "The 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was a "comparative award," and made millions of people laugh at the credibility and authenticity of the foundation which is aimed at the preservation of Alfred Nobel's heritage; however, from another comparative viewpoint, the Nobel committee had already brought itself into question by awarding people such as Shimon Peres who are simply unable to spell the word "peace.""


So, that was just nine of the past 1,000 and it would be arrogant of us not to offer thanks to each of you who contributed towards the grand total. Thanks! Here's to 7,000!

A recap:
1,000 articles / 2,000 articles / 3,000 articles / 4,000 articles / 5,000 articles

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