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Mullahs strike again Mullahs strike again
by Thanos Kalamidas
Issue 14
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The puppet president of Iran Mr. Mahmoud Ahmadine said some days ago that Iran becoming a nuclear power marks the beginning of the second phase of the Islamic revolution of 1979. This now changes the dangerous balance in the Arab Muslim world and their relations with the whole globe.

The dictatorship of the Ayatollahs celebrated their success of enriching uranium ignoring the advice and threats from both Europe and the USA. Iran made it clear that they do not believe that the USA will react militarily.

Bush's administration is trapped between an Iraq that is heading quickly towards a civil war and the rebirth of the Taliban in Afghanistan. From the other side, the European buyers of Iranian oil are nervously watching as the price of oil becomes a game in the hands of the crazy cleric hood of Iran, with their economies in danger.

The Iranian dictators are using their parasites, so called 'reporters', to lobby in Europe repeatedly saying that Israel is a nuclear power and that nobody said anything when India and Pakistan became nuclear powers, plus they say even North Korea did it and it seems that everybody goes soft with them. Now they have their excuses they feel that nothing can stop them producing the Islamic bomb that will change the Arabic world.

The American administration already started making plans on how to deal with the situation but politically the space to move is very tight. The USA has no relations with the Iranian regime for the last 25 years and the only solution remains the military option, but this time and especially after all the reaction to the invasion of Iraq it is urgent for the USA to have a wide number of allies.

It seems like the Americans have helped the Iranian mullahs to increase their power and influence in the Muslim world, first by supporting Saddam in his Iraq-Iran war hoping that he would stop the expansion of the Ayatollahs and their revolution further in the early-80s and now with the invasion of Iraq and the space they gave to the Shiites to become involved and occasionally sabotage or provoke every effort to avoid the civil war.

The invasion of Iraq opened a whole new world of opportunities to the mullahs. Suddenly the other Arab countries, who, for years kept Iran in the corner, started listening to them and the idea of an Islamic bomb seems to attract them more and more giving the Iranians a good position inside the much-twisted Middle East politics.

How can Europe and the US deal with this new power? Difficult to answer, from one side everybody is waiting for the Iranian people to take over their own destinies and overthrow the dictators, but 25 years of brainwashing seems to have worked well. From the other side, what happened to Iraq becomes the hardest lesson.

What about financial pressure and restrictions? This is something Iran obviously has learn to live with for the last 25 years and the only ones who feel it are the people, not the theocratic elite and their servants all around the world who are swimming in oil-dollars.

Hope to overthrow them? Hope in that country died long before the Ayatollahs, during the Shah's era. What is left? Wait! Wait to see when the Americans will invade.

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