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Stoning human rights
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-07-11 09:27:14
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I have no doubt that Iran is a beautiful country with a long history and contribution to world’s culture where there are beautiful hard working people but sadly a state and a society doesn’t judged by its natural beauty or the sweat of the people but from its ability to forgiveness, understanding and mercy and the modern state of Iran has failed in every single sense.

Oddly Iran’s puppet president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad often likes to present himself as the defender of human rights, the protector of the unjust and the white knight against evil west talks about justice while the Iranian justice continues punish with stoning and of course I’m talking about the latest incident with a woman accused for adultery who was punished to stoning, Ms Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.

Here I need to note that as it often happens in dictatorships where information is totally controlled and access to communication is some places impossible, where the country’s supreme court so easily sentences a woman to stoning I would not be surprised if the real number of the sentenced with the same punishment counts not just to dozens but perhaps to hundreds every year. Which show how big the problem in respect to human life and human dignity is.

This punishment is totally barbaric, inhuman and shows revenge. Crimes are punishable but the punishment is not revenge and as I mentioned in the beginning mercy is the sign of a cultural and civilized society and I’m sorry there is no faith that excuses murder as a punishment.

Let’s not have any misunderstandings here, by principal I find capital punishment barbaric wherever it happens. I find it barbaric in Texas and I find it barbaric in Peking. I find barbaric the toxic injection and I find barbaric the shooting and I think that the death sentence practiced in a few states in USA is the black hole of a justice system that prides itself for the protection of human rights, even unconstitutional and it is time to stop it even though the usual excuse is that the capital punishment is practiced only in serious offenders, serial murderers, sociopaths and others.

So what’s Iran’s excuse? A country basing its justice system on the mercy of a holly book? And how big threat it is for the society the adultery to demand the death penalty?

The position of the woman in the Iranian society has absolutely nothing to do with what would be considered as the position of the woman in a modern society and if she’s not locked in the house she is always endanger to offend one or another law. And there have been publicized cases where the only real crime the woman did was that she spoke with a stranger or that she walked on the streets not accompanied of a family member. Actually is not long time ago a woman was sentenced to lacing because she was raped! The ways women’s’ rights are violate in Iran are numberless and it is easy to see with a simple search in the internet from women’ groups, human rights’ groups, even the United Nations’ investigations.

Actually is not adultery that endangers the ethic of a nation or a society but the disability to feel mercy and understanding. And if adultery is a divine sin so what murder is? Especially when the murderer is the state.

With barbaric acts like that the Iranian state and the Iranian people eliminate their own right to criticize any other nation and their contemned in the conscious of the world. And if the Iranian state and the fanatics who rule it are incapable to sense and understand what they are doing perhaps it is time for the people do something. 

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