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But ...seriously
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-06-30 08:45:46
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Sometimes I feel that my generation really misses the times of the cold war. We lived mainly the end of it and most of the time it is like a heroic fairy tale full of urban legends and myths. And since my generation nowadays controls all the elements of power including governing and media I felt that there was a thrill around with the arrests of the Russian spies in USA. At least this something we can recognize and identify; is not this invisible terrorism which might has been even your neighbour.

So ten spies were arrested in USA and of course things are getting better, they are Russian spies, the good old iron curtain is back and naturally Russia obliging in her role denied any allegation in a pompous announcement from the Russian foreign office. You have to love it. Browsing the media I could see some of them having multiple orgasms. And most of us looking forward for the next move, the Russian government expelling the personnel of the US embassy in Moscow, that will be a real thrill. It is two sides, we and them not us and some barefoot Taliban in the deserts of Afghanistan.

Suddenly the strategists all around the world have something to do and it is not looking for moving funds through banks’ computers and trying to intersect internet messages. I mean the last few years we are talking about war but we have the generals climbing walls from frustration and nerds in front of computer screens analyzing and coding! And what about all the generals in the field? They are so dispirit they started ruining weddings and parties in Afghanistan and write articles for the Rolling Stone. These people have really hit bottom, imagine writing an article next to one about Mick Jagger’s sex life! If that is not hitting the bottom I have not idea what else might be.

Now we know why the old saying, it is good to keep your enemies closer; you just never know when you going to need them and this minute these arrests were manna from the sky actually I bet BP is also opening Champaigns tonight which makes the profit of the event more …global! Who cares for a couple of dead seals and some dirty birds here we have ten real spies from the cold! Actually I was wandering what short of secrets these spies were after. How to win a war by failing or how to waste taxpayers’ money in the desert; war on terror for dummies! After all the Russians have their own Chechnyan problems that come and go.

And because every good spy story has a common criminal edge these spies having to face also money laundry allegations. I bet they were trying to exchange Euros with US dollars especially now with all the rating problems between Euro and US dollar perhaps it is good time to do so. But again nowadays what war or spying means? Is it spying pentagon more important than spying Down Jones? After all Down Jones can make more harm than pentagon and all the pentagons or hexagons together.

Naturally the same time the new leader of the American forces in Afghanistan General David Petraeus warns that the war is far for over and the fights will continue for months. I suppose it is one thing to stop the generals climbing the walls of the pentagon and another thing to fund the pentagon that buys all those toys for the generals to play with. Of course in the meantime the number of liberty and democracy fighters increases steadily, oddly both sides call their fighters liberty fighters; I wouldn’t be surprised if Bin Laden calls his fighters with the same name!

Hallelujah then to the ten Russian spies, they saved the day, they managed to do what the north Koreans and the Iranians failed to do. It is totally different to arrest a spy from North Korea or Iran than ten spies from Russia, its all about image!

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