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How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-06-27 10:04:21
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Canada zoo appeals for stolen tiger and camels

A zoo in Canada has pleaded for the safe return of a tiger and two camels that bizzare01_05were stolen in transit last week. Bowmanville Zoo, in Ontario, has even offered $2,000 (£1,325) for a picture of the animals being given water.

A $20,000 reward offered since Saturday has failed to produce any leads on the whereabouts of Jonas, a Bengal tiger, and camels Todd and Shawn. They were in a trailer being moved from Nova Scotia to the zoo when their vehicle was stolen near Montreal.

"If they haven't received any water their situation is dire," said the director of Bowmanville Zoo, Michael Hackenberger. The 160-kg Jonas was in danger of suffering kidney failure if he had not had anything to drink since he was stolen. Police believe it was an "opportunity crime", with the thieves being unaware what the cargo was. "This was a crime of opportunity and now they have something they don't know how to deal with, and we are trying to make this as easy as possible to get out from underneath this," Mr Hackenberger said.  "That's a direct appeal to the captors."


Wife must cop her ex's prostitute bill

bizzare02_400_03A husband who spent thousands of dollars on prostitutes and massages does not have to pay it back to his wife, the Family Court has ruled.

The wife, 58, claimed her husband "wasted" the money on brothels and holidays to the Philippines after 24 years of marriage and asked the court to order him to pay it back into the family purse so that it was part of matrimonial assets to be split between them.

But Justice Peter Rose, sitting in the court in Sydney, has said that the husband had met his obligations to his wife, looked after their three children and was free to spend his income on what he wanted.
Justice Rose said the husband, 58, had begun seeing prostitutes after a payout of more than $1.4 million in 2007 from a horrific car crash several years earlier that left him with serious injuries.

And then he’s wandering why the got divorced?


Guilty in flaming truck attack

A woman who drove a flaming pickup truck into her ex-boyfriend’s house in November pleaded guilty to attempted murder. Connie S. Graham, 60, entered the plea during what was to have been a pre-trial hearing in Jersey Circuit Court.

bizzare03_400_03Graham was under indictment on arson and attempted murder charges handed up by a grand jury in December. She drove a burning 2010 Ford pickup truck she was test-driving from Roberts Motors of Alton into the Brighton house of Leslie Goheen at 15621 Ill. 111 on Nov. 27. Authorities said Goheen is Graham’s former boyfriend. Graham had locked herself in the cab of the truck and someone in Goheen’s house pulled her from the burning vehicle.

Several people were in his house at the time. Although no one was injured, the house sustained more than $100,000 damage. Graham was held at the Jersey County Jail in lieu of $50,000 bail on an initial charge of criminal damage to property. The indictments returned in December accused her of knowingly set fire to the property of Roberts Motors and driving the truck into Goheen’s residence and setting fire to the vehicle, knowing such an act created a strong possibility of death or harm.

The things you can do for love!


Doesn’t fit …terrorist profile

bizzare04_400_04Byron Sonne recently joked he was the last guy counter-terrorism officials would be prone to investigate. The 37-year-old man made the comment about a month ago at a “Surveillance Club” meeting, a monthly gathering for academics and activists who enjoy discussing surveillance issues and ideas.

Sonne shared his plans to protest the G20 and mused he was hardly the type to raise security alarm bells — slightly nerdy with a receding hairline, the computer specialist lives in a million-dollar home with his artist wife. In his spare time, he likes to hang out at HackLab TO, a non-profit group for techies who delight in building everything from LED signs to computer codes.

“He looks, you know, generic. Kind of like a geek,” observed Jesse Hirsh, an Internet specialist and broadcaster who met Sonne at the May 5 meeting. “We sort of joked . . . he was this middle-aged white guy, how he didn’t really fit the (terrorist) profile.” So Hirsh was shocked to read the headlines Wednesday and discover Sonne is at the centre of a G20 terror investigation.

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