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The Gs failure to understand
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-06-26 08:51:30
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The G8, the G20 and who knows how many other Gs lobbying, met in Canada and they patronized Europe into focusing on growth and national debt. I didn’t hear anybody saying anything about education, culture, tolerance or anything to do with those things so obviously education and tolerance doesn’t help growth. On the contrary one of the first victims to this tight policy in the name of financial survival has been education and culture.

In Greece exhibitions and concerts are cancelled, in Finland the state doesn’t have money to keep all the public libraries and in Italy the funding to cinema drops to near non existence. Semantics but culture nowadays translates into pulp culture that hypnotizes the crowds and with the help of manipulative educations creates good and cheap workers happy in front their 52 inch screen and home cinema surrounding system.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not against home cinema or television and I believe that there is room for everything in human mind what I feel that we are losing and we are losing it intentionally is the critic mind to understand what we need to keep and what we should consider trash and throw it away. And when I say throw it away I mean in full conscious and awareness stop it and help to be stopped. And I’m not after trash television, unfortunately this “life style” information has floated every part of our life, from what we read to what we wear and talk about. And of course this “life style” helps the growth, not the growth of the humanity but the growth of greedy, heatless financiers. That’s a very critical element in our cultural education.

The last few years more often I meet kids that focus their dreams and energy into finding the idea that will lead them in the good life which apparently translates back to the huge television. Financiers there were all during history but who remembers them? And I use the word financier as the kindest and political correct; in my vocabulary there are a few other words that can characterise them. So what did these people offered? And when they did offer something back wasn’t due to their guilt after the damage they had done? For most of them the difference between been extremely rich and a criminal it was that they were never been caught and sentenced even though the last few years we saw a lot of those financier finding their way to prisons.

From the other side everybody knows all those enlighten minds that made the difference for centuries in the history of this planet. The Athenian democracy prioritized educating and culture and twenty-four centuries after we still enjoy the results and see them all around us. From the other side times when education was becoming believe and not question, our civilization trebled a giant with glass lags. Our future is not in New York’s stock market or London’s city, our future is in the camps of the universities in the allays of the schools and the sand playgrounds of the kindergartens. Citizens of this globe are coming from a good education system and healthy educated families and education doesn’t necessary means university degree but families with an understanding and awareness of their surroundings and this something we learn from out first day in the day-care. That’s growth, not only for a family, a country a nation; it is growth for humanity, for a better future where action and reaction are productive.

It is long time I don’t understand those G6, G8, G20 or G30 meetings. They meet and talk about the future based on statistics that coming from stock markets and share holders. They are talking about the future measuring zones of influence and weapons sales. They talk about the future ignoring the fact that the future is here and they are absent in every sense! We often say that history repeats herself; I think that history doesn’t repeat herself; it is humans that repeat history in their inability to understand the real needs of a growing society trying hysterically to manipulate them into what they understand with the necessary profit – something they absolutely understand – missing the point. Humanity’s needs are beyond gold exchange and that growth comes throw education!

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