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The lotus flower
by Moustafa Al Yassin
2017-03-10 09:34:02
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If I were in charge
I would change the yellow white
and the white green.....
and the green red.......
and the red stone..........
lotus01_400and the stone human being
and the human being angel
and the angel white
but I am not in charge
so I will keep the horizon
with all beautiful colours for you
If I were in charge
I would tell the angels
where is the last secret temple
for lovers
And I would change the water wine
...... and the wine Jesus
and I would live
for my lotus flower
who is in charge
when the time becomes limited
and my wings so free
that I can see you
from the whole horizon
as the small lotus flower
and your perfume is
the universe called peace
peace on you
peace o me ....
when we born and we die
and when we will be alive
............. if I were in charge ......

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