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Honour of Love
by Moustafa Al Yassin
2015-08-23 10:08:59
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Honour in the forgotten wall
Similar to the forgotten honour in the wall

hurt001_400bringing the morning regards all over my sad gardens.
Drawing age as a wonderful flowerer
that has been just waking up this afternoon, today.

In hands the perfume - lost to the gentle revolutionary lover.
who has been living the love for a second

Is it possible you have noticed me
stepping in my steps
feeling the true between two over the wall

is it truth

The first is the honour of the days which is already gone

A volcanic sense of love
in basalt
has no chance from the perfume to hide it any longer

when it guides the butterfly dreams  to the end

Then it disappear

And the other is the dream
it is the beginning
it is the ending
it is the master of dreams

Bringing the morning regards
to the last ours of the night

touching the perfume of the days as basalt wall

So the circle of the sun however it distance
is shorter than the sadness between his eyes

Can’t you see that wound , that perfect wound in the wall!
Belonging to the shadow
Can’t you see how struggling it is
Kissing the morning in the last our of the night

drawing form of wishes
soft as the colour of the silk shall
sad as the hidden perfume in the basalt wall

Honour of the wall, honour of the love
the wound has a small song and little dream
touching the top of wishes
Honour of the wall
You may give your wound a nest to my dove.

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