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Monuments of Seven Boats Monuments of Seven Boats
by Moustafa Al Yassin
2019-09-22 09:56:16
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boats_400The night is trying to sleep over the mast of patience
like the moon
And the moon is lightning the bedroom which is overfilled with  dreams  and wishes
And the moon firing  a volcano of love
In the whispers circles between the two sails and oars
The night could sleep a little over the mast like the moon
when the star is touching the cover of the little girl
Throwing the jewellery  of love over her pillow
And then you’ll see the moon
no wander happy smiling and telling
sleeeep … sleep
In your morning the freedom is light, and the light is freedom
And that’s my hand over the direction and the destination
A horizon down and down of the horizon.

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