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Waves of Warm Ocean
by Moustafa Al Yassin
2018-11-13 09:26:47
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The noise of flame
Touching the eyelids with the flames of the missing
while the tears that running under there will never stop anything of the memory inside
And the wishes and the Iraqi poem
which passing between two wonders and a question
Mother... is that  the star you are crying for, or place by the river
between the cheek tattoo and the smell of bread and Jasmine
The noise  of flame is here now
I could hear it since I have been an old  man
And you where the beauty of Babel
And father is the master  of the sea
Was he
Was he the tribe shaman coming over on his Damask horse to Babel
And he brings you so you came, and I came from all my Arabic wanders
to hug the Safran and sleep under the shadow of Jasmine.



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