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When Israel politics leaves dead behind.
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-06-01 07:43:54
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Having work for most of my life with politics, politicians and political parties, proud for understanding - to a certain level - politics and an amateur student of history I have to admit that this last Israeli attack to the aid-carrying ships doesn’t make much sense. Coming to the reaction from the rest of the world things are much worst because they cause only pity and anger of how political agendas don’t stop even in front the unfair lose of human lives. And I have to admit that despite all the time I spent thinking and trying to analyze it, I still cannot understand the acts of the Israeli army, doesn’t matter how you look at it and I am equally surprised because the Israelis always proud for their strategists and analysts.

The whole thing looks like the random act of a terrorist. The only difference this time is that the terrorist is a nation that for years has been complaining that is the victim of terrorism. It is like the little boy screaming wolf, only this time there is prove that it was him the wolf. Amazing, all these years of trying, all these years of bombing, kidnapping, terrorizing it took an Israeli act to show that the Palestinians are the victims. It is like the Palestinians won the lotto. But let’s return to politics. Why the Israelis acted like that. The truth is that after really long time Israel is standing on questionable grounds with the new American administration. In the past, didn’t matter if it was a Republican or a Democrat in the American administration, royalty to Israel was dominant to the American foreign policy.

For the last year the new American administration has shown signs of changing roots somehow. Until now they were talking about a solution in the Middle East, a solution that would satisfy both sides (Israelis and Palestinians) but they were talking with the Israelis mainly, patronizing the Palestinians who often seemed like bad infants. Barack Obama seemed to change this attitude lately demanding solutions from both sides with equal retreats. The latest incident with the settlers was the drop that filled the glass for the American president and according to rumours his last conduct with the Israeli PM when he was ‘accidently’ in USA and didn’t see the American president t was not one of the most pleasant ones. The last decade the Israelis have often test the international community – remember what happened to Lebanon a couple of years ago – and now it was the time to test seriously Barack Obama. But the stakes in the Middle East for Israel are just too high to have doubts about the American policy in the area and one thing is sure after all these decades, the Israelis don’t want an independent Palestinian country, they want a Palestinian province in Israel, doesn’t matter how big this province might be.

The Israelis after decades of terror they have become paranoid and to certain level this is understandable, but from been paranoid to hit the aid-carrying ships in international waters knowing that they were watched constantly and via satellites not only from the Israeli government but form a number of other nations including Turkey, Cyprus, Lebanon and of course USA and Russia, that’s a bit too far. Terrorists and extremists have used in the past activists, NGOs and peaceful organizations and manipulated them for their cause even if that meant carrying weapons. But they would never do that in a convoy carrying tens of activists, reporters and just volunteers from all around Europe. This moment they need them more than any weapons. And this is something the Israeli analysts were oblige to understand for the obvious reasons.

And let’s not forget how convenient it was the minute they were preparing this extreme delicate operation the Israeli PM was visiting Canada on his way to USA for a meeting with Barack Obama. It was like a mafia prepared alibi.

Too many messages? First of all let’s see where Barack Obama and his administration stand and how far they are willing to go. Then a warning to the neighbourhood, we don’t care for international laws, when it comes to our country we are willing to start even a precautionary war and Iran is not far. And in long term a warning to Saudi Arabia. Perhaps the reference to Saudi Arabia here doesn’t make much sense but the Saudis have always been on the bottom of the dark tunnel that maps the relations between Israel and Middle East and that’s why the latest turn to Turkey from Israel trying to find a safer and pro-American mediator in the region with the advance that Turkey is not exactly crazy about the Saudis. however I'm afraid that this last thing was the nemesis of the Turkey-Israeli already shaking relationship.

So the next few weeks will show were everybody is standing in this gigantic chess board and perhaps that answers why the careful await from the American administration. Let’s see how the Saudis will react to all that because for the rest of the world more or less we can predict their reaction. But then it comes the European Union. The European Union weeks after proving that it is unable to act as unity in front the financial problems on the contrary becomes the reason to worsen the problem shows its impotence in front an international situation where in the past had active role. The European nations traditionally had been the fair judges when it came to Middle East and often a settler to the Palestinian needs. The European nations individually and as a Union for decades always condemn any terrorist act they have been supportive to the Palestinian nation, the people and their needs. But the Union has disappeared just like it had disappeared a few years ago in front the Lebanese crisis. Ironically European lives are the most among the dead and wounded in the Mediterranean drama.

The Greek crisis was the end of the European financial unity and the Euro, defence is a cause long forgotten and I’m afraid that this incident is the tombstone of the European Unity and they have better do something quick otherwise soon we are going to see the end of the EU. Apart from that and returning to the unbelievable event most of the European nations even individually seem numb reacting poorly expecting something either to come form the central European administration or the American administration.

Back to Israel, is what I said in the very beginning, unfortunately the whole act looks like the random act of a terrorist!

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