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A nuclear weapons free zone
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-05-31 08:22:53
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Reading the latest Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) members’ decision for a nuclear-weapons-free zone in the Middle East, I felt a hysterical laugh coming out of my mouth! What’s next? They will declare global peace and the end of poverty and they will expect us to believe them?

It was a couple of decades ago when a mayor of an Athenian suburb put gigantic signs all around his municipality declaring that this was a Nuclear-free zone and that was only a few months after the Chernobyl nuclear plan accident when all the world was worrying for what they breathe or eat. I remember that at the time there were panic warnings all around the media about poisoned vegetables and dangerous milk. I couldn’t resist and because it happened to know the certain mayor I asked him if by putting those signs he was going to stop any nuclear cloud, poisoned food and milk. And with a lot of sarcasm I asked him if a nuclear war happens if he thinks that nuclear we would be safe living in the boarders of his municipality.

His answer was that he might look …unique at the moment – that’s how he put it – but when all the municipalities of all the cities all around the world do something similar then the governments might decide to stop using nuclear power. My answer was, why don’t we start with something much simpler like eliminating global poverty? Actually eliminating global poverty sounds much much simpler than global peace, especially when the Middle East element comes on sight.

I remember when the first Golf war started, when Saddam still had all those missiles and the suspicion for weapons of mash destruction was more than alive and especially after the first missiles flew over Saudi Arabia, Cyprus had started worrying. You see it’s not only the nuclear heads , are also the missiles that carry those nuclear heads and how far these missiles can hit. And if it comes the time to press the button, no nuclear missiles cares on how many signs declaring nuclear-weapons-free zones there are.

Actually with all this decades’ technological advance and sophistication I wouldn’t be surprised if a missile from Oregon USA or Minsk Russia can hit Cyprus. So, I’m sorry to say but this Nuclear-free zones sound like a joke. But what about Middle East. Is Iran going to participate? But Iran never hidden its ambitions to have nuclear missiles and never stopped going that way. Again I wouldn’t be surprised if they are far more advanced to what they declare or to what the international organizations think that they know. After all Israel is there to prove the truth of those words. Nuclear Israel is the most pathetic kept global secret. I don’t know if Israel has six ten or twenty ready nuclear warheads but Israel has and the button is just there ready to press.

But it’s not only those two, Turkey never hidden her nuclear ambitions and be sure Syria would love to have a couple of nuclear warheads and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had already started negotiating with North Korea or Iran for a future plan. What’s left? Saudi Arabia, but thanks to oil Saudi Arabia feels that US nuclear arsenal is ma casa so casa! What friends are for after all. So where this zone is going to be and what does a nuclear weapons free zone means?

Hiroshima gave us a lesson but obviously was not enough so Chernobyl came to remind us that nuclear is nothing you can play with, for a couple of decades the number of leukaemia victims in all Europe increased dramatically in Europe as a result of an accident that happened thousands of miles away. So much for nuclear-free zones.

If we lived back in late seventies or early eighties I would have thought that this is very good idea, or at least a good beginning for a global nuclear disarmament. Living in the year 2010 I would say that the elimination of global poverty is still much simpler.

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