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Cricket is back in Helsinki
by The Ovi Team
2010-05-29 09:38:26
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On Saturday 29th May, EMPIRE CRICKET CLUB will once again be the only one of Finland’s 17 local cricket clubs to play on real grass!

This Saturday EMPIRE CRICKET CLUB will play their first home game at their new ground at Hakunila Sports Ground in the grass field between Sotunki School (off Sotungintie) and the public swimming pool (off Hakunilantie) in Hakunila, Vantaa. Spectators welcome!

To mark the occasion there will be a ceremonial ‘first ball’ at 10am followed by the Helsinki Morrisser’s performance of a ‘good luck’ folk dance on the pitch before the start of play at 10.30am.

This will be the club’s third game of the Finnish Cricket Association’s SM40 League this season. As a special treat for the Club’s First XI team and the away team from Tampere, traditional English ‘Fish & Chips’ will be ready at 2pm courtesy of ‘Megabites Event Catering’, when the all day game will break for lunch.

To play cricket on grass is a true pleasure for cricketers in Finland, who otherwise play on gravel. Reflecting the multi-cultural nature of Finland, the country’s increasing number of cricketers, as well as the national team, is a mix of Finnish citizens and people from around the world. Besides many in the Helsinki region, there are clubs in Oulu, Tampere, Turku, Jyväskylä and Vaasa, all competing in officially recognised league matches throughout the summer and winter (indoors).

Empire Cricket Club was established in 2004 but has been without a home ground since 2007 when the grass field they first used in Viikki eventually became unsafe for play. Since then they have had to share grounds with other local clubs until finally finding a home of their own at Hakunila Sports Ground. In keeping with the desires of club members, the club’s committee specifically sought out a grass field.

Empire Cricket Club plays cricket in the true spirit of the game and is committed to giving anyone interested in it an opportunity to play. We are always recruiting, no previous experience necessary – we’ll train you! For enquiries contact: empirecricketclub@gmail.com  


Other home League games in Hakunila:
29 May; 6 June; 3 July; 17 July; 25 July; 31 July    

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