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by Dr. Emine Koseoglu
2010-05-21 07:28:10
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Emine Koseoglu is an architect and academician whose research areas are environmental psychology, spatial legibility and perception. She takes photographs that force borders of perception.

She, behind the camera, started to see the world as blurry and as formed by stains nearly one and a half year ago; just as the way when she takes her glasses off! Thinking that the world actually is not as clear as in the “perfect photographs”.

Enjoy Emine Koseoglu's work, HERE!





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Alan2010-05-21 21:19:07
Great work :)

emine koseoglu2010-05-22 19:11:08
thanks :)

Thanos2010-05-22 20:43:59
At last my daughter understood how I see things without my glasses!!!

However, excellent work Ms Koseoglu, makes you ...think!

emine koseoglu2010-05-22 21:46:51
:)Yes, It took years to understand myself about that! Using it in photography could be considered a kind of compromise about the defects one has :)And also It is a way to handle life itself... Thank you so much!

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